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Celebrating twenty-one books and International Mother Language Day virtually in Ireland

Sajedul Chowdhury Rubel, Ireland: 28 February 2021 was a historic day for Bengalis living in Ireland. A virtual discussion meeting was held in Ireland on the occasion of the celebration of Immortal twenty-one books and International Mother Language Day under the chairmanship of eminent social personality and former president of Bangladesh Association of Ireland Mr. Syed Mostafizur Rahman and moderated by community personality and Chief Advisor of ABAI Mohammad Mostafar.

Last year on February 16, Amar Ekushey Granth Mela was organized for the first time at DCU STOKES BUILDING, Dublin City University in Ireland. It became like a piece of Bangladesh. But this time due to the corona epidemic and restrictions, it is not possible to celebrate the book fair in that way. So a virtual meeting was organized to uphold the spirit of book love and Ekush. Not only cultural and book lovers, but all classes of people living in the country participated in this meeting. As a result, the meeting turned into a unique meeting in the virtual world. The colorful pictures and paintings on the 21st book fair floating on the online screen and the recitation of songs and poems of twenty-one countries make the meeting a virtual festival.

At the beginning of the program, Mr. Mizanur Rahman Zakir read from the Quran, Frank read from the Bible, Supta Das read from the Gita and Dilip Barua read from the Tripitaka.

Mr. Mostafizur Rahman, the chief organizer of the program, gave a brief speech paying tribute to the language martyrs. He expressed his gratitude to those whose sincere cooperation, effort and hard work this event would not have been possible. He was overwhelmed by the participation of more people than expected. The need for libraries to make people interested in reading is undeniable. So he expressed his determination to build a library in Ireland.

Poet and writer Sajedul Chowdhury Rubel read an essay on International Mother Language and Book Fair. The history of Ekush, the importance of the language and the need for book fairs along with the guiding information and statements in the expansion of the Bengali language emerge in this special article.

Limerick County Councilor Deputy Mayor Azad Talukder, former president of Bangladesh Association in Ireland Dr. Jinnurain Jaigirdar, former general secretary Mr. Iqbal Mahmud, Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Dr. Arman and all Mr. Shahadat Hossain, Masud Sikder, Akhtar Hossain are among those who gave a brief speech on the occasion. , Shakib Khan, Jamal Bashir, Abdul Haque, Rabiul Alam, Irish Bangla Times Editor Abdur Rahim Bhuiyan, Irish Notice Board's Mosiur Rahman, Dublin Bangla Barta's Manik Moniruzzaman, Irish Bangla Post's Abul Kalam Azad, NTV's Zahid Momin Chowdhury, Hamidul Nasir, Zahirul Islam. Zaheer, Saiful Islam, Zakaria Pradhan, Jasim Uddin, Shaheen Mia, Ronti Chowdhury, Lecturer Abdus Shaheed, Abdul Jalil etc.

Enlivening the event with music were Manchester residents Mr. Mir Ghulam Mustafa, Ajitav Roy Abhi, Jamal Bashir, Fahima Happy and duet voices of Mata Iffat Ara and daughter Nudrat.

Mr. Dilip Barua, Abdul Mannan Mann, Runa Jalil, Sushmita, Mashiur Rahman, Arif Aziz, Mumtaz Kabir Koli and Shayla Sharmin Nipa, Dr. Jinnurain Jaigirdar and AK Azad enthralled the audience by reciting poems.

Many people believe that such a timely program has managed to give people a taste of entertainment when the public life of people under house arrest is very disturbed and stagnant due to the lockdown due to Corona. Apart from that, the speakers strongly emphasized that there is no alternative to this kind of program for the practice of mother tongue in the diaspora and its expansion and its importance to the new generation.

Mr. Anwarul Haque and Mr. Kazi Kabir were in overall supervision and technical support of the program.

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