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Nina Ahmed has more chances to win in USA

Bangladeshi expatriates in the United States are now much more politically aware. They are not only giving but actively participating in politics.

He also has a record of winning several important posts in various states. Dr. one of them. Neena Ahmed. Before that, he was the Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia, the capital and important city of Pennsylvania, and Asia Affairs Advisor to President Barack Obama.

This time he is running for Auditor General of Pennsylvania. In the meantime, he defeated the party candidate by a huge margin in the primary and is contesting in the final election.

In addition to voting for the presidential election on November 3, voting will be held for various levels of elections including the Senate and the House. Neena Ahmed is also facing the polls on the same day. He is expected to win that election.

His election senior adviser. Ibrul Chowdhury said, you may have noticed that he won by a large margin in the primary.

Also, he has already aroused a huge response among people of all castes and religions. He is leading by a large margin in the local polls as well. As a result, it can be said that Dr. The issue of Nina's victory.

Dr. Ibrul also said, Dr. If Neena Ahmed wins this election, it will surely be a great achievement for Bangladeshi Americans.

Neena Ahmed is fighting for the Democratic Party. In the primary held on June 2, this time he got 80 thousand 137 votes more than his rival candidate.

He got 4 lakh 77 thousand 526 votes. In that sense, the number of expatriate Bangladeshis is not so much, as a result he has been able to arouse response among the people of all countries. Ibrul

If she wins, she will be the first non-white Muslim woman to hold the position in the state's history.

Dr. If Nina wins, she will be the highest-ranking Bangladeshi-American to represent the state. As a result, there is a lot of interest among Bangladeshis.

Many expatriate Bangladeshis are working there day and night even in this covid 19.

Dr. Nina Ahmed said, considering the current situation, we are not giving much importance to surveys. Acting like we're 10 points behind.

Although various polls show that I am far ahead of the rival candidates. Where I am 51 percent, he is 44 percent. But there are fears that many things will change at the last moment. As a result, I am working to retain it.

But I can say this, this time the tide is showing among the Democrats. This is the case across the country. As a result, I believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win the entire country, just as I am optimistic about my election.

Dr. After coming to the United States at the age of 21, Neena Ahmed earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.

After that he did a fellowship from Thomas Jefferson University. Since then he gradually started getting involved in various political programs including the realization of human rights.

She lives in the Mount Area of the state capital of Philadelphia with her husband Ahsan Nasratullah, two daughters Priya and Jaya.

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