MG-42: The Story of a World War II German Monster

During World War II, American soldiers gave a nickname to everything, even enemy weapons. German Machine Gun-42 abbreviated MG-42 was called 'Hitler's Buzz Saw' by American soldiers and 'The Linoleum ripper' by Soviet Red Army soldiers. Because it would cut off the enemy's soldiers in an instant like a saw. Many military historians have called the MG-42 the best 'general purpose machine gun' ever made.

When World War II began in 1939, the German Army had a reliable MG-34 machine gun in service. But the MG-34 was an expensive weapon. Because its production was time consuming and relatively difficult.

After the start of the war, the German high command realized the need for more machine guns on the front-line that would be as fast as the MG-34 but relatively cheaper and that could also be produced faster. Eventually the German arms manufacturer Mauser was able to design such a machine gun, which entered service in 1942. That is why it is named MG-42. The MG-42 quickly became an ultra-aggressive, monstrous weapon due to its high rate of fire (1600 rounds per minute), durability, reliability, longer effective range (200-2000 meters) and ease of use and comfort.

The sound of this machine gun used to shake the hearts of the allied soldiers. The situation got so bad that the US Army was forced to produce a training film to combat the psychological effects of the weapon on terrified US troops.

The MG-42 was a deadly and effective weapon in the hands of the German infantry. Where machine guns are normally used by infantry to support attacking troops, the Germans' tactics were the opposite. Because of its destructive role, the Nazis used the entire infantry as its support, placing the machine gun in the center of the attack. Due to its high rate of fire, it was seen that only one machine gun could destroy hundreds of enemy soldiers in an instant!

Between 1942 and 1945, more than 400,000 units of the MG-42 were produced. It has been used in World War II, Great Liberation War of Bangladesh, Algerian War, Yugoslav War, First Congo War, Portuguese War etc. Currently, MG-42 is used in the armies of more than 30 countries, including Germany and Bangladesh.

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