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Bangladesh cannot be allowed to become Pakistan even if it is in the interest of the country's development

Looking at the condition of Pakistan, it is instructive to work for development without bowing down to anyone for the good of the country. For this reason, even if someone puts the title of dictator, the country should be satisfied with it and progress.

Today against the dollar Pakistan is 188 while Bangladeshi Taka is 87. Despite disliking Pakistan, some of Imran Khan's decisions were liked, one of them being compromise with two neighbors and not bowing down to outsiders for their own interests. Although these are reasons for distrust of his government without proof. Now a new government will sit under the supervision of the army, they will make the black white again, and will go further towards the bottom.

Many people comment on our country's policy or government, but the government is not good. But we do not see the difference, if the same effect in our country, what will happen to the people! In this place, the government is strong in its position, besides, our foreign policy is very strong now. Our Prime Minister, Foreign Minister openly criticized Moral when necessary. Pulls closer when needed – hard soft feeling. Apart from this, the government's understanding with our armed forces, army-navy-aircraft-police-armed agencies like RAB is good enough and the military is very sincere.

Yes corruption, misgovernance (%) will remain, will continue in time. But we have to see how much it is. Although many blame too much on the absurd discussion, at least as a reference document, 90% is now less corrupt or mismanaged than any previous government. The main thing is that the country has to improve in the midst of these, but Pakistan cannot be forgotten.

Author: Tanveer Hasan, Editor – Latest News.

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