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How safe is the prime minister where terrorists and camp cadres are so close?

The controversial Rocky Barua who met with the son of Delwar Hossain Sayedi along with foreign pistols and guards was arrested by RAB 7. Four other accomplices were arrested along with the arrested Rocky Barua. Innumerable photographs of him with political leaders of Bangladesh and India, Ministers-MPs and other dignitaries, their seals, pads and photographs of the closed-door meeting with the Central Secretary General of Hefazat-e-Islami, Junaid Babunagari, besides Saeedi's son Masood Saeedee, Tarek Manwar, were recovered.

Rocky Barua was arrested, but many questions came forward. One of the most important things is how safe is our Prime Minister? When Rocky Barua went to the Prime Minister and took a picture, who allowed him to go to the Prime Minister without any idea about his normal life activities?

Razaka's son Masood Saidi is intoxicated with anti-national conspiracy like his father. Saidi's spy is Tarek Manwar. Did the anti-Awami conspiracy never insert itself in the closed-door meeting with Rocky Barua? Masood Saidi, Tarek Manwar did not engage in a conspiracy against the Prime Minister?  

Shibir Liton on the other hand: In the photo wearing a hat, the believer's name is Noor Mohammad Siraji aka Durdharsha Shibir Liton, what a great believer isn't he? He is surrounded by people in the world

Even though he is a man of anti-national and opposite politics who has reached the public house, the general public of the country knows that the Jamaat Shibir can never be a friend of the power family of Awami League and Bangabandhu's independence party.

As Shibir cadres have reached Ganabhaban, the meaning is quite clear, Sheikh Hasina's security is at stake. But the question is here, on whose recommendation and through whom did the camp cadre go to the Prime Minister? Who are they next to the Prime Minister? Who is giving this opportunity?

There are many online activists of Awami politics who are working tirelessly online. The desire to meet the Prime Minister must be born in them. But when they see the Prime Minister's people helping terrorists like Rocky Barua or cadres like Shibir Liton to go to the Prime Minister's office, taking pictures with the Prime Minister, then surely they feel enmity and depression against themselves.

Again, the question is, who are the people next to the Prime Minister who take cadres like Rocky Barua and Liton to the Prime Minister? Of course it is not possible for the Prime Minister to meet with ideas about everyone who comes to meet. It is the responsibility of the law-making body, ensuring the security of the Prime Minister and all the Awami League leaders. How much responsibility are they performing? Or there is Moustakarai with a smiling face next to the Prime Minister, who is giving all these people the opportunity to go to the Ganobhaban.

Arresting Rocky Barua along with Shamim Saeedee, Tarek Manwar and Shibir Liton at this moment is very important for the safety of the Prime Minister and to know the real facts about the meeting to release Saeedee. Because without their arrest, nothing will be known about their meeting-the purpose of approaching the Prime Minister. The question comes to mind again and again, how safe is the prime minister where the camp cadre-terrorists are so close?

Author: Tanveer Hasan, Editor – Latest News, Chief Admin – Crack Platoon.

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