Rape and attempted murder of Parimoni, sought justice from the Prime Minister

The country's popular film actress Parimani accused him of rape and attempted murder. He also claimed that he was tortured.

For this reason, he has given a long status seeking the help of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There, Parimani called the Prime Minister as her mother and asked him for proper justice and shelter as a daughter.

On Sunday (June 13) evening, Parimani himself gave this information on his personal verified Facebook page. Parimoni has posted an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeking a remedy. Here is his open letter:

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
I am Parimani. A compulsory citizen of this country. My profession is film.
I have been physically abused.
I have been tried to rape and kill.
I want justice.
Where do I want this trial? Where do you want? Who will make the right judgment? I could not find it for the last four days. Starting from the police station, our film friend Benazir Ahmed is the IGP
Sir! I can't find anyone, mother.
All of those who have found only knowing the details of the incident, they are silent because they are watching!

I am a girl, I am a heroine, before that I am a human being. I can't keep quiet. If I just say what happened to me as a girl, and accept the words that people will say and keep quiet, then like many others (whose names immediately come to mind) I may be only adding weight to their group.
What can anyone do without regret!
How can I be silent like them mother?
I have not seen you silently accept any wrongdoing!

I was two and a half years old when my mother died. So far, I need a moment of mother very much now,
Didn't think so. Today, I feel like I really need mom, I need a little tighter hug.
i need you mom I need you to survive now mom. Mom, I want to live.
save me mother

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