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Parimoney was arrested by RAB along with a huge amount of domestic and foreign drugs at home

Mohammad Hasan, Sub-Editor: Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested film actress Parimani with huge amount of drugs from her house.

He was arrested after 6 pm today.
Earlier RAB raided his house in Banani based on 'certain complaints'. The raid was conducted at Parimani's house around 4 pm.

Director of RAB's Legal and Media Wing, Commander Khandaker Al Moin, said that raids are being conducted on his house based on specific complaints. A large amount of foreign liquor was recovered after a three-hour raid. Details will be given later.

Shortly before the start of the campaign, Parimoni came on Facebook Live and complained that someone had come to his residence in Banani in the capital. Someone is trying to break the door of his house and enter.

Parimoni complained that people in 'different clothes' came to her house and asked to open the door of the flat. But he is afraid to open the door. For this, he seeks the cooperation of all concerned.

Coming live, Parimoni repeatedly complained that the police was informed but was not getting any help. He is calling media people to his house. Parimoney can be heard saying live, who is trying to enter my house. Some are wearing black clothes, some are wearing colorful clothes. Who are these brothers? I'm not cutting live.

He also told Parimoney live, "I will open the door if it is the police." But they don't identify. If killed, let's kill in front of everyone. I will not cut live. Let everyone see. I will show everyone what they do.

Before this, on June 13, a Facebook status of Parimani caused an uproar on social media. Later that night, Pari held a press conference accusing Banani of rape and attempted murder. The actress revealed the names of the accused in a press conference that night. He said that businessman Nasir U Mahmud raped and tried to kill him at the Dhaka Boat Club on June 8.

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