An unforgettable day for the Bengali nation, which happened today

The sun of Bengal's independence had set with the defeat of the last independent Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daula, at Amrakanan of Palashir on 23 June 1757. After 214 years of this, a new horizon of the journey of Bangladesh was opened by taking oath of the heads of the Provisional Government of Bangladesh on April 17, 1971 at Baidyanathtala Amrakanan in Meherpur near Palashir Amrakanan.

On April 17, 1971, the provisional government of independent Bangladesh was formally sworn in at Ambagan in Baidyanathala in present-day Meherpur district. This place was later named 'Mujibnagar'. The official swearing-in day of this provisional government is termed as 'Mujibnagar Day' in the chronology of the Bangladesh War of Independence.

After a brutal attack by Pakistani forces on 25 March 1971, the Provisional Government of the Sovereign People's Republic was formally formed on 10 April. In a declaration issued on this day, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's declaration of independence on March 26 was strongly supported and approved. The declaration declared Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the President of the Republic and Syed Nazrul Islam as the Vice-President of the Republic until the Constitution was framed. Apart from this, Tajuddin Ahmad was appointed as the Prime Minister of the Provisional Government, Captain Mansoor Ali as the Finance Minister and AHM Kamruzzaman as the Home, Relief and Rehabilitation Minister. In addition, General Ataul Ghani Osmani was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Provisional Government's Mukti Bahini and Major General Abdur Rab as the Chief of Staff.

On April 11, Bangladesh Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed gave a radio address to the nation. This speech was broadcast several times over the air. It was through Tajuddin's speech that the world was informed about the formation of the legitimate government of Bangladesh. Following this, on April 17, the Provisional Government formally took oath and several platoons of EPR and freedom fighters took oath at the ceremony. The oath taking ceremony started at 11 am.

The then Acting President of Bangladesh, Syed Nazrul Islam, hoisted the flag of independent Bangladesh in a ceremony on 17th April. The National Anthem 'Amar Sonar Bangla' was played during the hoisting of the flag. Syed Nazrul Islam officially announced the formation of independent Bangladesh government in this event. He then announced the names of the Cabinet members of the Government of Bangladesh and introduced them in the event. Acting President Syed Nazrul Islam delivered the address and later Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmad addressed the press conference.

The Declaration of Independence was issued on this occasion and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was formed through it. The declaration of independence given by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 26th March was thereby promulgated. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was declared as the President. But this time because Bangabandhu was imprisoned in Pakistan, Vice President Syed Nazrul Islam became acting President and Tajuddin Ahmad was made Prime Minister.

Mujibnagar Government of 1971:

President: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Vice President: Syed Nazrul Islam (Acting as Acting President in the absence of the President)
Prime Minister: Tajuddin Ahmad
Minister for Law and External Affairs: Khondkar Mushtaq Ahmad
Finance Minister: M. Mansoor Ali
Minister of Home Affairs, Relief and Rehabilitation: A. H. M Kamaruzzaman
Chief of Armed Forces: General Ataul Ghani Osmani
Chief of Staff: Major General Abdur Rob.

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