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The blood of Palestinians has been flowing for hundreds of years due to their betrayal

The rampage of Israeli barbarism, piles of corpses upon corpses, has made the sky of the world heavy with lamentation by repeatedly wounding, defiling our heartbeats, cries, yearnings of the soul, pleas of the heart and solidarity of humanity. In 1897, 'Theodor Herzel' and 'Max Nordau' The organizational outline of the establishment of Zionism and the Jewish state is all from its hands. Until 1916, Holy Jerusalem was only under the Ottoman Empire. Due to the defeat of the Ottomans in the First World War, the whole of Palestine was under British rule from 1917-1948. The British captured Jerusalem in November 1917. Britain wanted to create a separate state for Jews because of its negative view of Jews. And, for that, the British (then) Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour wrote to Barron Rhodes Child, the leader of the Jewish movement for the establishment of a Jewish state. And this is called 'Balfour Declaration'. And this 'Balfour Declaration' is a successful step to establish a Jewish state by state initiative.

Jews lived scattered throughout Europe. And because of this Balfour Declaration, Jews left Europe and gradually started coming to British Palestine and buying land. Around 1930, Jews from Poland established agricultural farms in kibbutz areas 2 miles from Gaza.

Then the people of Palestine realize that they are slowly losing their land. And the British also began to return the Jews little by little according to their declaration. The time was around 1933 when anti-Semitism was at its peak in Germany and the British took advantage of that opportunity to allow free access to thousands of Jews who left Europe and came to Palestine and the Palestinian people realized this very well and revolted against the British. Repressed and so brutally repressed caused dissension among the loyalist Arabs, but the British and Jewish alliance remained committed and determined to create a Jewish state. Around 1939, the British put Arab-Israeli diplomacy into a strong position against Hitler's Nazi forces, assuring the Arabs that they would reduce Jewish arrivals in Palestine over the next 5 years, in exchange for officially conscripting 32,000 Jews into the British Army, providing them with advanced training. is The killing of millions of Jews in World War II created another reality that mirrored Britain's aspirations. In 1945, he insisted on creating a separate state in Palestine with Jewish survivors. However, a century earlier, Jews had been transferred to Britain for settlement purposes. 

The then US President Harry Truman took a very strong stand for the State of Israel and applied international pressure to resettle more than 100,000 Jews to Palestine, but Britain thought that for its own political interests to resettle so many Jews would necessitate a civil war and put them in international politics. Will get in trouble. And, for that reason, in 1939, the Jews attacked Palestine with trained Jewish soldiers of the British Army, and even attacked British installations in Palestine. As a result, the surviving European Jews were attacked by ships loaded with weapons from Europe. And then Britain and the United States proposed the much-cherished dream of the state of Israel to the United Nations. The United Nations then divided the Palestinian territories into two parts. A portion of the Jewish land which is Israel, pays 50% percent of the land but the Jews had 10 percent of the land and the Jews accepted it. On the other hand, 90 percent of the land owned by Arab Palestine will be cut to 40 percent and 50 percent of the land will be given to Arab Palestine and Jerusalem will be under international control. Arab states, including Arab Palestine, did not accept.

But in a practical sense, the state of Israel was born and got a recognized land. The then Palestinian leader Al-Hosseini went to Syria and asked for weapons for the purpose of independent Palestine, but the Arab states did not respond to the appeal of the Palestinian people because they wanted the Holy City to be under them. Al-Hosseini returned empty-handed and was martyred for a few days. On the 14th of 1948, the British completely left Palestine because their interests had been served. And, the sovereign state of Israel was completed by the withdrawal of British troops, but within 1 hour, 5 Arab countries, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, attacked separately. The reason was that the Arabs distrusted each other and lacked coordination among them, but Israel was attacked by them. retreated where the Jewish troops numbered 35,000, and the Arabs numbered 30,000 (Source: BBC). The Arab states could have taken all of Tel Aviv if they had attacked in this way, but the United States enforced a cease-fire through the United Nations. And the land occupied by the Arabs of this war was taken under them, Jordan took the West Bank and Egypt, the Gaza Strip, but seven million Palestinians were displaced by Israel's attack, but the separate government of the independent Palestinians and their sovereign delimiters did nothing.

Arab states rather divide Gaza and the West Bank and even these seven million Palestinians who are displaced from their homes have not been repatriated. Most notably, 400 of the 500 villages in Palestine were depopulated so that the free movement of Israelis in Palestine was not hindered after the war. On the other hand, Turkey joined NATO and recognized Israel from the federal circle and established an alliance with them by establishing an embassy and the Iranians also recognized Israel. . And after the cessation of hostilities, Israel received the help of modern weapons from the Czechoslovak, and even with the technological advantages from the United States and France, it accumulated tremendous power and gained military, political, economic, and diplomatic power. After 1948, the Ikhwan started a great mass awakening in Gaza against Israel, but The Ikhwan was born out of Hasanul Banna's Muslim Brotherhood. And when the then president of Egypt, Hassan Abdullah Nasser, executed Hassan al-Banna and banned all their activities, the Ikhwan was born, which began operations in Palestine, Sudan, Iraq, Syria. Ikhwan vows 'resistance movement'. On the other hand, the United Nations peacekeeping force was deployed in Egypt's Mount Sinai. The Arab countries could not take a strong form in the armistice and Israel became a unique power with the help of France and the United States. In 1965 Fatah activists attacked an Israeli bus in Deir al-Balah area of Gaza. At that time, Gaza was under the control of the Egyptian army.

Egypt did not want to go to war with Israel because they knew very well that they were not ready for war, Jamal Nasser told the Palestinian National Council in Cairo in 1965, 'If you think I have a plan to liberate Palestine, it will be a lie' ( Al Jazeera, 2004, March 25) Egypt launched a crackdown blaming the Ikhwan. Al Fatah on the other hand called Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (Ikhwan leader) for a coordinated war with the Arabs but they refused.

And said that the Arabs are not ready for war or the time for war is not yet. And the Arab-Israeli war started based on this incident, on the other hand, Jamal Nasser removed the UN peacekeeping force and thought that the Egyptian troops who are in Gaza can deal with it, and the Egyptians will attack through Sinai. But in reality the Egyptians gave up. As soon as Gaza was lost, Mount Sinai fell to the Jews. The 6-Day War led to a ceasefire by the League of Nations. The PLO was formed out of Al Fatah, which operated primarily from Jordan. When the Likud Party came to power in Israel in 1977, the bloodshed in Gaza increased. But Egypt was then desperate how to make Mount Sinai their own. The then president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, coordinated with the Likud party, made the Camp-David agreement, reclaimed their Mount Sinai and recognized Israel, and most surprisingly, addressed the Israeli parliament and cheated with the blood of the Palestinians and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What Ikhwan leader Ahmad Yasin said in 1973. And from this Ikhwan, Hamas was born.

Later, Yasser Arafat, who was originally the leader of Al Fatah, signed Oslo Accords-1 in Washington DC in 1993, followed by Oslo Accords-2 in 1995 in Taba, Egypt. According to the agreement, the occupying Israeli forces will gradually withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but the West Bank will be divided into 3 parts, one part occupied by the Palestinians, the other part by Israel, and the other part by the Palestinian-Israeli joint government. An 'Interim Palestinian Authority' will be formed for a period of five years. Then there will be a permanent solution based on UN resolutions 242 and 338. It implied, though not explicitly written, that a Palestinian state would one day be formed alongside Israel, and the PLO recognized Israel for which Yasser Arafat, Isaac Rabin and Shimon Peres (then Prime Minister of Israel) were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

What the people of Palestine cannot accept. They consider that they have been cheated and cheated. In the real sense, everyone will talk big about the Palestinian issue, appear as saviors in Muslim eyes, but practically no one will stand up for them. Hamas is fighting alone, with the United States declaring that it would not accept Hamas in the 2005 Palestinian elections, calling them militants. But Hamas won and formed the government. Egypt provided aid to Hamas through Mount Sinai when Morsi was in power but the current government is the complete opposite and has instead cut off all aid. Hamas receives arms shipments secretly with the help of Iran using the Sudan and Sinai mountain roads. On the other hand, the activities of the occupied Israeli embassies in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Egypt are going on very well. They recognize the state of Israel, which Dakhdar cannot call Israel, and maintain diplomatic relations. Where a country like Bangladesh still bans all ties with the occupying Israel and places the Palestinians in our lives as symbols of a unique truth.
We are proud, we are brave, we are fearless, we are Bengali but we are not cheaters like Arab-Turks, we are Muslims but we are not cheater Muslims like Arab-Turks.

Arab-Turkish-Iranian Arab-Turk-Iran have never fulfilled their expectations of Palestine, they will do nothing but deception and empty bully, as Israel knows as well as the Philistines, these deceivers are still deceiving the sentiments of the Muslim world whose actions For from the Euphrates the Nile flows with blood. And the result of international global diplomacy today is a bloodied Palestine in a ruin of inhuman barbarism.

Author: Md. Manzurul Haque Fahim, Country Ambassador, Universal Youth Movement, Source: Samam News.

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