Biden-Ghani is having an important meeting in Washington

US President Joe Biden and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani are meeting. Ghani has already reached Washington.

In this meeting to be held on Friday, he can ask Biden for more help for Afghanistan. However, various circles have expressed doubts about how much America will help Afghanistan.

NATO forces, including the US, have begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Biden said all troops would be withdrawn by September 11.

America has taken this decision in accordance with the agreement with the Taliban. But the problem is, the more NATO troops withdraw, the more the Taliban are strengthening in Afghanistan. By May, they had captured nearly 50 regions of the country.

US Special Envoy to Afghanistan Deborah Lyon said that there are 370 districts in Afghanistan, more than 50 of which are occupied by the Taliban. They have almost surrounded the regional capitals. With reinforcements, they are also expected to occupy those territories at any time.

Gani is meeting with Biden in this situation. According to experts, Ghani will appeal to the US to stand by the Afghan government even after the withdrawal of troops. You can also ask for financial assistance.

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