The husband crossed the river with his new wife on his shoulders

Shivakumar is a resident of Kishanganj, Bihar state, India. Last Monday, he got married with Sunita, a girl from Singhimari village on the Nepal border. He promised to walk together hand in hand while sitting on the wedding steps.

He also promised to stay together in danger. The newlyweds had to face such a test in just a few hours.

The next day, Tuesday, Sivakumar left for home with his bride. Meanwhile, heavy rain started in that area. The mountain river flowing over the village rises. When Shivkumar reached the ghat holding the bride's hand, the boatman said that it is impossible to pull the boat in this current. But the newlyweds have no way to return! The newly married Shivakumar immediately decided to cross the river with his wife on his shoulders!

Shivakumar took his wife on his shoulder and started to break the stream. The goal is to find a place to cross. Still wearing wedding sherwani. New shoes on feet. New wife Sunita wears a wedding pair.

The bracelets are jingling to the rhythm of the movement. He will stop what! In this way, the river bank finally met. There the flow of a kilometer wide river is comparatively less. Pushing that water, they once went to the house. The people who were standing on the bank got the news in advance.

Shivakumar was not unaware of the dangers of the river. He said, 'The movement of the river is not good. When what will happen, no one knows.' Knowing this, why did he take his wife on his shoulder? The new groom smiles in response. The bridegroom then said, 'The boy played the first day after the wedding!

A shy smile was also on Sunita's face. How could he bring the new wife on his shoulders? Sivakumar's face smiled in response to the question that there was no difficulty in walking across the stream. 26-year-old Shivakumar said, 'I felt ashamed. But there was no way. Seeing the water flow increasing, the sailor stopped. We do not cross the river to go home!

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