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Cold diplomatic tension between India and Bangladesh

India Bangladesh friendship is very old. Since independence, that friendship has grown stronger. India's help during the liberation war is undeniable. At that time, the neighboring country India extended all the help including training of freedom fighters, shelter of common people.

But, after the arrival of the BJP government, although the tone of friendship is correct, the attitude of help is not the same as before. The beginning of the conflict with India since 2001. India lost to the then BDR in Roumari Simante. Then again the situation cooled down in the meeting of the high level people of the two countries.

After the arrival of the BJP government, the internal situation is becoming chaotic day by day. Even if you talk about friendship on the face, you can't get much in common now. As Bangladesh was dependent on India in the east, they suddenly banned the export of e. As a result our internal market would become unstable.

3/4 years ago they suddenly stopped exporting cattle to the country. As a result, there is a sudden shortage of cows in the country. Even though the people of the country suffered for that one year, our local farmers started rearing cows on a large scale. As a result we are now self-reliant in raising livestock and meeting our own needs.

They banned the export of onion in the same way 2 years ago. The market became unstable. But our farmers did not sit still. Now we meet most of the onion demand ourselves. Grandfather's ban, has become a blessing for us.

At the beginning of this year, they banned the export of wheat to the country showing their internal deficit. Among them, the Russia-Ukraine war is on fire in the wheat market. The world's supply chain is not what it used to be. In such a difficult time they ban the export of wheat to our country. This is an example of friendship.

Even though the Teesta agreement has been in place for many years, Bangladesh has not yet seen the appearance of implementation. Withholding water during the dry season, opening the gate during the heavy rains, the farmers of the northern region are suffering more.

Now let's talk about Bangladesh:
After banning them one after the other, Bangladesh no longer looked at them. The government has now learned to understand itself somewhat.

Deal with China over disastrous Teesta regime ongoing. If everything goes well, very soon the northern part of the country will be freed from the invasion of Teesta. The opposition of our friendly state is also ongoing in this project.

When Bangladesh was buying submarines from China, one of our friendly countries opposed it. But Bangladesh buys submarines without caring about it. Last year, as a counter, our friendly country gifted submarines to neighboring country Myanmar for free. This is a kind of diplomatic counter.

They wanted to build Rooppur nuclear power plant but they did not get the job. But in the end they got the job of construction site but Russia got the job of main power plant. This is a diplomatic fail for them.

After purchasing the submarine, the government announced the construction of a submarine base for its berthing. India has not been able to do it despite trying a hundred times. With the help of China, the work of the only submarine base in Bangladesh is going on. India is lagging behind in so many mega projects and important diplomatic operations. Friends are no longer friends.

After RAB fell under US sanctions, Bangladesh sought India's help but did not get it. They are always making their position clear.

Not only Bangladesh. All India's neighbors are facing China. This is their biggest concern now. If this continues for much longer, it is not far that India will lose its monopoly over its neighbours.

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