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Prime Minister inaugurated the Amar Ekushe Book Fair 2021

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Amar Ekushe Book Fair 2021. At that time, State Minister for Culture KM Khalid, Secretary Badrul Islam, Bangla Academy President Shamsuzzaman Khan, Director General Habibullah Siraji and others were present at the event organized at Bangla Academy premises.

Prime Minister inaugurated the book fair by participating in the opening ceremony through video conference from Gana Bhavan around 4 pm on Thursday.

At that time, State Minister for Culture KM Khalid, Secretary Badrul Islam, President of Bangla Academy Shamsuzzaman Khan, Director General Habibullah Siraji and others were present at the premises of Bangla Academy.

As informed earlier, the book fair will continue till April 14. The biggest challenge in this year's fair is to follow hygiene rules to prevent corona.

State Minister for Culture KM Khalid has already said that no one can enter the fair premises without wearing a mask. We will have a mobile team to monitor the matter.

We have also provided sanitizers at every entrance to the fair. Apart from this, there are also four shelters to escape from the storm.

A new entrance has been made from the Engineering Institute gate to enter the book fair. Along with this, car parking arrangements have been made in Suhrawardy Udyan's Shikha Chirantan area, he said.

The 2020 Bangla Academy Literary Award was given at the opening ceremony of the book fair on Thursday.

Muhammad Samad in Poetry, Imtiaar Shamim in Fiction, Begum Aktar Kamal in Essay/Research, Sureshranjan Basak in Translation, Rabiul Alam in Drama, Anjeer Liton in Children's Literature, Sahida Begum in Liberation War Studies, Opresh Banerjee in Science/Fiction, Ferdousi Mazumder in Autobiography and Muhammad Habibullah in Folklore. received

After the opening ceremony, the guests toured the fair. Soon after that, the doors of the book fair were opened for general visitors, writers and readers.

Amar Ekushe Book Fair-2021 organized by Bangla Academy on the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence is being dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of the great liberation war. The main theme of this year's book fair is 'Birth Centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Golden Jubilee of Independence'.

And the main attraction of the inauguration ceremony was the official publication of the English translation of 'Amar Deha Nayachin' written by Bangabandhu and published by Bangla Academy.

The scope of this fair has increased in Bangla Academy premises and Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital. The number of publishing houses with book stalls has increased.

Out of an area of about 1.5 lakh square feet, 154 units have been allocated to 107 institutions in the Academy premises and 680 units to 433 institutions in the Suhrawardy Udyan section, totaling 834 units to 540 institutions. The fair will have 33 pavilions.

The Little Magazine premises have shifted to the main fair premises in Suhrawardy Udyan. There, 140 stalls including 5 open stalls have been allotted to 135 LittleMags.

Books will be sold at 25 percent discount in this festival. The fair will run from 3 pm to 8:30 pm every day except holidays.

The fair grounds will be open on holidays from 11 am to 8:30 pm. It is said that the book fair will follow the hygiene rules till April 14.

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