Today Bangladesh has become a middle income country, we want to transform it into a developed country: Information Minister

Awami League Joint General Secretary, Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud said that development is never sustainable with only material development, but spiritual development of people is also necessary. In order to do that, people need to coordinate values, patriotism and compassion.

We want to create such a state, which will be a developed state in terms of material development, at the same time a humane state will also be formed.

We do not want development and society that will be material, but will send parents to old age homes, accidents will happen on the road, people will cry, but no one passing by will look back, the police will come and take away the bodies.

He said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the Rotary International District Conference-2021 at Radisson Blu's host hall in Chittagong on Friday afternoon. Rotary International District-3282 organized this conference.

The convener of the conference. President of Rotary International PDG KM Zainul Abedin spoke at the event under the chairmanship of Taiyab, District Governor Dr. Belal Uddin Ahmed, Rotarian Fatema Zebunnecha and others.

During the Middle Ages, when the world's financial system was based on agriculture, our country was rich. In the Middle Ages, countries that had developed agricultural land were rich. We had, and still have, good agricultural land. In our country it is harvested three times, in Europe it is once.

When the world's financial system became industrialized, the British, the Dutch, and the British bought materials from agricultural countries like ours and sold the products they made to us at high prices. Then we become poor. They have developed their country by earning from here, this is the reality.

Today we want to change that scenario. Our goal is to take the country to the destination of dreams. That is why Prime Minister Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina announced the creation of 100 economic zones.

The work of establishing the country's largest economic zone in Mirsrai, Chittagong, is already underway, some industries have already gone into production. When 100 economic zones are established, we can change the whole scenario. Today Bangladesh has become a middle income country, we want to transform it into a developed country. To do that, everyone needs a collective effort.

Bangladesh is moving forward despite all the adversities. Despite being the most densely populated country in the world and having the lowest amount of agricultural land per capita, Bangladesh has managed to achieve self-sufficiency in food by coping with storms, floods, and floods, which has surprised not only the world but also the World Food Organization.

Dr. Hasan said, Bangladesh ranks third in the world in rice production, fourth in vegetable production, fourth in freshwater fish production, and seventh in potato production. But in terms of volume, it is 92nd in the world. This has been possible due to the right leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the mechanization of agriculture by the government and the hard work of a large group of people including our farmers.

In the 50th year of independence, we have long surpassed Pakistan in all indicators including human development, social and economic. India has also surpassed India long ago in terms of human development and social indicators. We have also surpassed India in terms of per capita income in recent times, and this is no small matter.

He said that only 20 countries in the world had a positive GDP growth rate in 2020 amid the Corona epidemic. Among those twenty, the position of Bangladesh is third. Our per capita income increased by $200 during the corona pandemic.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister said that the Rotary Club has been working with the vow of service to humanity since its inception and said that today's world has made people very self-centered. People now only think about themselves, not for others. Humans have improved a lot in the 21st century. People are becoming increasingly dependent on machines.

Along with this man has also become like an unfeeling machine, which is harmful to man. In that context it is very important to stand by people as people. With that goal, Rotary International is working on various issues including education, health and environment, he said.

The people of the world have improved a lot, but the world today is full of conflict and turmoil. Peace in the world is very important. Despite the corona epidemic, the number of refugees in the world has increased by several million. The Corona pandemic has shown how helpless people are to an invisible germ. The most powerful country in the world is helpless, as well as the poorest country in the world.

He said, for this reason, instead of spending money on fighting wars in countries, it is necessary to focus on ensuring people's health services and protecting people from future epidemics. Although the nations of the world are not doing what is needed to reduce military spending, this is the reality.

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