The issue of conducting HSC and equivalent exams has been scientifically decided: Education Minister

Minister of Education Dr. Dipu Moni said that this year's SSC, HSC and equivalent exams will be decided scientifically. The decision regarding SSC and HSC examination will be announced soon.

We take decisions after consulting the National Advisory Committee on Covid-19. The Minister also commented that students cannot be put at risk by taking classes during this difficult time of Corona.

On Wednesday (June 30), he said these things in the chief guest's speech at the 'Crab Scholarship 2021' event organized by the Bangladesh Crime Reporters Association (CRAB).

In the event, 10 meritorious children of late and indigent members of CRAB in association with Shams-Sandhya Trust were given 5,000 taka as scholarships.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner AKM Hafiz Akhter was the special guest in this scholarship awarding ceremony held under the chairmanship of CRAB President Mizan Malik. CRAB general secretary Alauddin Arif conducted the program.

In the event, CRAB President Mizan Malik sought the cooperation of Education Minister in the welfare work of CRAB. Besides, he requested everyone's cooperation in implementing future plans. In view of this, the Minister expressed his determination to stand by Crab and said that if the Corona situation is ongoing, he will join any event virtually, if the situation is normal, he will directly participate in any of Crab's activities.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner (DB) AKM Hafiz Akhtar said that CRAB and police are inseparable parts. Today, when children are getting scholarships, they don't have fathers. These children will grow up one day. Social structure is undergoing massive changes. We want to see the light of society.

He urged everyone to use protective equipment. He said to the children of CRAB members on scholarship, they have to study. Mix with good friends. Stay away from drugs. He expressed the hope of working together with Crab in the future and assured to extend his hand of cooperation.

The education minister said that we cannot continue in the global crisis corona epidemic by denying science. Science says it's not healthy to open schools until infection rates drop to 5 percent or less. Not scientific. Now the infection rate is about 24 percent. In some districts the infection rate is 50 percent or more. At this time, it is necessary to think whether the demand to open educational institutions is reasonable or not.

Developed countries of the world tried to open educational institutions at different times. After they opened, they were forced to close again after an increase in infections. Developed countries where class size is not more than 20/25 people. In many of our educational institutions, students sit side by side. The opening question there is absolutely unanswerable.

I talk to the parents at different times. Some of them said to open, but if it opened, they replied in one word that they would not send their children to school. They said they cannot send children to be killed. They express themselves in different ways.

The minister said that many countries in the world, including developed countries, have canceled public examinations. Some give predicted grades. We took the 2020 SSC exam there. I was forced to cancel the HSC exam two/three days before it started. Later we gave his result based on JSC and SSC exam results. The results of the students would have been the same if the examination had been conducted in the way we analyzed and tabulated the results with one exception. So no one was harmed.

We will announce this year's decision very soon. We will let you know how we do it. However, I would like to tell everyone, including students and parents, not to worry. A global crisis is underway. To deal with this crisis, we are taking decisions in all areas under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Similarly, the decision will be made in the field of education. It is the most important sector. Of course, we will make a decision by applying all wisdom and knowledge.

The educational life of students has been disrupted all over the world. Something happened to us here too. But I am keeping a close eye on them so that they do not suffer any long-term damage. We take the decision after taking the advice of the National Advisory Committee on Covid-19.

Claiming that the government has started teaching in alternative time, the education minister said, as fast as we have been able to, nowhere else in the world has started so fast. That's why Bangladesh's online and televised teaching is appreciated in the fastest time in any meeting on education in the world.

Various national and international surveys say that 45 to 80 percent of students are able to receive teaching through online or television. Assuming the lowest we went to the assignment method to increase this rate. 93 percent students participated in it. No more students participate in the regular curriculum. Through fall assignments we have reached the same level as normal time.

The minister commented that there is satisfaction regarding the assignment among the teachers, students and parents.

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