To create another One Eleven, that day will never come: Who

One Eleven's Kushilabs are still plotting to create another One Eleven, that day will never come. Those who see colorful dreams, their dreams will turn into nightmares.

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said these things at a discussion meeting organized by Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League at Bangabandhu Avenue on the occasion of Sheikh Hasina's imprisonment day. He joined the meeting virtually from his residence.

General secretary of Awami League said, "One Eleven is a bad wound in the history of politics of this country," and said, "This wound is caused by the stubborn and power-hungry politics of BNP." He said, 'Yazuddin is the President on the one hand, and the caretaker government on the other hand, BNP created the context of One Eleven by implementing the blueprint of one-sided elections and then One Eleven came. Darkness descends on the country's politics and politicians, the responsibility of running the country goes to non-political people.

The imprisonment day of Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina is actually the imprisonment day of democracy, and her release day has become known as the release day of democracy in the political history of Bangladesh. He said, 'Kushilabs of One Eleven are still conspiring to create another One Eleven, that day will never come.

Obaidul Quader also thinks that the people of the country will never allow those who are conspiring to come to power by disuniting the people to succeed. He said those dreaming of colorful One Eleven will have their dreams turned into nightmares.
General secretary of Awami League said that 'One Eleven was a school for politicians, political workers have a lot to learn from there' and said, 'Politics does not mean following the currents of politics. A shining example of this is the skyrocketing support of the people to Sheikh Hasina in the 2008 elections.

Obaidul Quader said that those who were immersed in rampant corruption were busy looting the state's resources through Hawa Bhaban. The people rejected them with disgust.

Referring to the roots of Awami League deep in the soil, Obaidul Quader said that no conspiracy could take Awami League away from Bangladesh and its people in the past and will not be able to in the future. Obaidul Quader claimed that 'no party except Awami League is on the side of the people in this crisis of Corona', and said, 'BNP is sitting at home and making a mess.

Urging to build a wall of awareness against infection in this corona epidemic, the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges said, 'We should continue to stand by the helpless people by wearing masks and following hygiene rules.

Awami League presidium member Begum Matia Chowdhury also spoke at Bangabandhu Avenue under the chairmanship of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League President Abu Ahmed Mannafi. Abdur Razzak and Jahangir Kabir Nanak, joint general secretary AFM Bahauddin Nashim, organizing secretary Mirza Azam, general secretary of Mahanagar Dakshin. Humayun Kabir and others.

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