Russia says that there is no opportunity for other countries to interfere in Bangladesh in the name of democracy

There is no opportunity for anyone outside to interfere in the internal affairs of Bangladesh or any other country under the pretext of democracy. The Russian ambassador to Bangladesh said that it is unacceptable in the UN declaration on the protection of freedom and sovereignty in any state.

The Russian Embassy in Dhaka commented that those who consider themselves the rulers of the world interfere in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of protecting 'democratic values'. Yesterday, a statement from the Russian Embassy said that they should not interfere in the internal affairs of any third country, including Bangladesh, under the pretext of protecting democracy or any other pretext. Russia is determined to do so.

The Russian embassy made the statement on interference in the internal affairs of third countries at a time when the government has expressed direct anger over the role of Western missions. Recently, these missions have openly expressed their expectations regarding the internal politics of the country and the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Hegemonic ambitions are most evident in countries that claim to be advanced democracies, the Russian embassy said. They not only interfere in the internal affairs of the sovereign member states of the United Nations, but also resort to blatant deception, illegal restrictions, etc. As a result, the sovereignty of many countries in the world is facing an unprecedented risk.

"Russia has always been committed to its policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of third countries," the Russian embassy said. Many states like Bangladesh follow the same path by shaping their foreign and domestic policies for their own national interests rather than following the lead of foreign powers. We fully support the desire of these countries to independently determine their ways of further development and to establish a system that is not subject to neo-colonialism.


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