Public transport stopped, people going to office suffered on the road

A limited 'lockdown' has started across the country to control the spread of the coronavirus. Office-goers have suffered greatly as public transport has been closed and offices and courts are open on a limited scale. Office-going commuters crowded the road.

But there are no buses or minibuses anywhere. Autorickshaws are also less. The fares of the rickshaws that are plying are also high. Many are trying to reach their destinations on ride-sharing motorcycles at exorbitant fares.

On Monday (June 28) from 8 am in the capital Mirpur, Khilkhet and other areas of the suffering of opium-seeking people were seen.

Sumaiya Akhtar is an officer of a private organization. From Mirpur number 10 will go to Agargaon. After waiting for a long hour, without getting any transport, he started the rickshaw journey to Agargaon. He said, 'Lockdown' has been announced for a limited period. The office is open. I have to go to the office.

Jobs must be saved. I will be in danger with my family if I lose my job. All the hardships common people like us have to bear. The rickshaw driver is charging Tk 130 for the fare of Tk 80. Those who are asking for rent as much as they can, are taking extra rent. Who will see these inconsistencies and problems?

Babul, an official of a private company waiting at the bus stand in Khilkhe said, the office has been kept open. There are no vehicles on the road. My office is empty now, I don't know how to go. In this way, common people can be made aware of the corona virus? If people are not aware of themselves.

The same picture is in Shah Bagh, in front of Jatiya Press Club, Karwan Bazar, Neelkhet, Gulistan, Jatrabari, Rampura, Shyamoli, Mohammadpur, Asadgate and other places. Due to lack of public transport, many have left for office on foot.

Sirajul Islam was waiting at Agargaon at 8:30 in the morning to go to Motijheel. He said, rickshaw fare is asking 400 taka. Autorickshaws are also less. So I will leave on foot. He said that he works in a private company.

Goods carrying vehicles are moving from different parts of the country in the capital Dhaka. Many people are forced to leave home in the morning to reach their destination and get into these vehicles. Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation General Secretary Osman Ali told Dhaka Post that all types of public transport are closed. Bus services from nearby districts of Dhaka have been stopped. Because of this, many people are getting into cargo trucks and pickups.

Earlier, the Cabinet Department issued a notification on Sunday (June 27). It is said that all public transport except goods vehicles and rickshaws will be closed across the country. Law enforcement forces must ensure this through regular patrols.

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