Long-distance buses will run, tickets will be sold at the counter

Today is the last day of strict lockdown. The government has relaxed the restrictions from tomorrow Thursday. However, long-distance bus tickets have been sold from various bus terminals in the capital since Wednesday (July 14) morning. Long-distance buses will leave the capital for various destinations in the country before sunrise tomorrow.

Long-distance vehicles were closed for a long time due to the severe lockdown across the country due to the spread of infection. But as the government relaxed the lockdown ahead of Eid, public transport will run from July 15. As a result, the long-distance bus counters in Gabtali of the capital have become crowded a day earlier.
After a month and a half long distance buses have started, the faces of the transport workers are smiling. According to the instructions of the government, the transports will run with half the passengers following the health rules. But bus passengers have to pay double fare.

Barisal line golden line counter opened at 9 am at Gabtali bus terminal. After cleaning up some time in the morning, he is selling tickets for the Wednesday night bus.

On Tuesday (July 13), the government issued a notification relaxing the ongoing strict restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus for eight days from Thursday. It is said in the notification that public transport will run with half the passengers. During this time, people should be alert and travel in vehicles following hygiene rules including wearing masks.

Preparations for bus movement have started after this instruction. In the meantime, the president of Bangladesh Bus-Truck Owners Association Farooq Talukder Sohail told the media that bus ticket sales are starting from Wednesday. Besides, efforts are being made to release tickets online at night. If not, it will also start from Wednesday. However, this year's ticket sale is being launched on the principle of 'first come first served'. The way Eid tickets have been sold in advance in other years, it cannot be done in this short time.

On the occasion of Eid, public transport has started to rush to the bus counters of the capital. Counter and car cleaning work is going on. The workers are checking the battery and engine of the cars. Such a picture can be seen by going to the Gabtali bus terminal in the capital. At this time I talked with some transport workers. They expressed their joy at the news of bus operation after being closed for a long time.

Gabtali and Jatrabari bus terminals of the capital have been visited, as soon as the notification was issued, the transport related people are gathering at Gabtali bus terminal. Opening their counters and cleaning them with sanitizer, Savlon, Dettol. They are trying to clean up the dirt and start working again. A kind of vitality has been created in everyone's mind. However, the general public is seeing the launch of public transport as a positive thing. There is a lot of relief among them.

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