Holidays are increasing in educational institutions

The educational institution, which has been closed for more than a year and a half, is scheduled to open on June 30, but it is not possible due to the Corona situation. A strict lockdown is coming across the country from Monday (June 28) due to the surge in infections. In this situation, the opening of educational institutions has become uncertain.

A source in the Ministry of Education said that the duration of the ongoing holidays in educational institutions may be extended. In the next two-three days, the government will discuss the decision in this regard.

A senior official of the Ministry of Education said that the rate of corona infection is increasing gradually. Today (yesterday) was over 21 percent. Educational institutions are not opened unless it falls below 5 percent.

There is no possibility of opening of educational institutions on June 30. However, after understanding the situation, the Minister of Education will make a decision. It will have to wait for a few days.

The Department of Health said on Friday that 28,247 samples have been collected in the last 24 hours. 27 thousand 653 have been tested. The detection rate compared to the sample test is 21.93 percent. A total of 64 lakh 63 thousand 119 samples have been tested in the country so far. The detection rate compared to the total test is 13.60 percent.

Ministry of Education Secretary of Secondary and Higher Education Department. Mahbub Hossain told the media that there is no chance to open educational institutions if the situation worsens. We don't want to see anyone at risk. The ongoing vacation can be extended further by discussing with the technical committee of the Ministry of Education.

On the other hand, Director General of Primary Education Department Alamgir Muhammad Mansurul Alam said that there are all kinds of preparations to open educational institutions on the date announced by the government. The institution can be opened only after receiving the instructions of the government. But everything depends on the situation.

A strict lockdown is starting across the country for seven days from Monday (June 28) to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All public and private offices will be closed except for emergency services.

No one can leave the house without an urgent reason. An order will be issued from the Cabinet Division on Saturday giving further details on the restrictions.

During the strict lockdown, the movement of all types of vehicles will be stopped except for emergency cargo vehicles. Ambulances and medical vehicles will only be allowed to ply. The media will be exempt from this restriction.

Last year, on March 8, the government reported the first corona patient detected in the country. Then on March 18, the first death was reported. The government then declared a general holiday for 66 consecutive days from March 26. When the corona infection started increasing again from March this year, the government issued restrictions for different periods from April.

Recently, when the severe infection of Corona started at the border, lockdown was issued in various districts. A few days ago strict restrictions were imposed in seven surrounding districts to keep Dhaka isolated.

In such a situation, the national technical advisory committee formed by the government held a meeting on Wednesday to curb the corona infection and resorted to the strategy of keeping all people under house arrest for at least two weeks through strict measures.

And that strategy has been informed to the government to take it as a suggestion. Such draconian measures have been termed 'shutdown' in committee meetings. Now there are various kinds of speculations and curiosity about how that 'shutdown' will be.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Chief Information Officer Surath Kumar Sarkar informed the media about the imposition of strict lockdown across the country. In this regard, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told reporters that police, border guard Bangladesh and army members will be in the field initially for the implementation of strict lockdown for seven days.

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