2 million doses of coronavirus vaccine reached Dhaka

2 million doses of coronavirus vaccine reached Dhaka. Air India's special flight carrying 167 boxes of vaccines gifted by the Government of India landed at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the capital on Thursday (January 21) at 11:20 am.

India is expected to formally hand over these vaccines to the Foreign Minister and the Health Minister at the Rashtriya Guest House Padma after noon.

At the end of a program on contract farming at the Foreign Service Academy at around 2 pm on Wednesday, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen told the journalists present that 3.5 lakh doses of vaccine will arrive from India on Thursday, including 1.5 lakh doses as the first shipment of the contract apart from gifts.

However, in the evening, in an amendment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was requested to the media to exclude the issue of vaccination of the agreement.

After this vaccine comes out, 20-25 people of different stages will be applied experimentally. Then there will be rehearsal. Based on its results, the vaccination will be administered across the country later.

However, it has not been announced when these processes will be started. Apart from this, about eight crore people of the country will not be able to take vaccination due to various reasons including illness.

Besides, Bangladesh is buying 30 million doses of Covid-Shield, a coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca, produced at the Serum Institute of India. The first shipment of that vaccine is scheduled to arrive on January 25-26.

Various information regarding vaccination was given in a press briefing with journalists from the health sector at the Corbi Hall of the Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday.

Senior Secretary of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department NM Ziaul Alam, Secretary of Health Care Department took part in this under the leadership of Juena Aziz, Chief Coordinator of the National Coordination Committee of the Government formed to deal with the Corona epidemic. Abdul Mannan and Director General of the Department of Health Professor Dr. ABM Khurshid Alam.

On January 19, a meeting of the government's national committee to deal with coronavirus was held at the Prime Minister's office under the leadership of the chief secretary. In that meeting, general issues including collection, storage and distribution of vaccines were discussed.

Accordingly, Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek on behalf of the Bangladesh government will receive the vaccine that will arrive as a gift from the Indian government on a special plane from India on Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

During this time, the Ministry of Health and other officials of the Directorate will also be there. Indian High Commissioner will also be there. Later, the vaccine will be kept in the store under the health department. The store is already ready.

Abdul Mannan said that after the arrival of vaccination in the country, first one representative of doctors, nurses, brave freedom fighters, teachers, police, army, administration, journalists will be vaccinated in Kurmitola or any hospital. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will virtually inaugurate the corona vaccination program in the country by experimentally applying vaccination to the bodies of 20-25 of them.

Later, a dry run or drill will be given in four hospitals of Dhaka with 400 to 500 health workers. These hospitals are - Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Kurmitola General Hospital, Kuwait-Bangladesh Friendship Hospital and Mugda Medical College Hospital.

After that, they will be monitored for a week to see if there are any side effects. Vaccination work will be started across the country after seeing the results. He said that 60 lakh people will get vaccinated in the month in which it starts, 50 lakh in the second month, 60 lakh again in the third month.

The secretary said, we hope that the work of vaccination can be started across the country in the first week of February as per the predetermined time.

He also said, we will not focus the corona vaccination on field like EPI (Extended Immunization Program). This vaccination will be given in the hospital. So that in case of any problem it is easy to manage it immediately.

Abdul Mannan said that the ICT department has almost completed the development of an app for vaccination.

Apart from this, telemedicine service is being maintained through a hotline number 16263 for the vaccine recipients. In response to the questions of the journalists, he said that vaccination will be given officially for the time being.

The issue of vaccination at the private level has not been finalised. Even if someone brings vaccination, it should be given using the same app under government control.

When asked who will not be vaccinated, the Director General of the Department of Health said, first of all, those who have lost their immune system due to various complex diseases, those who are cancer patients or those taking high doses of steroids, those under the age of 18, those who are pregnant and those who are outside the country will not be vaccinated.

The senior secretary of ICT said that an app called 'Suraksha' has been developed for the application of corona vaccination with the help of the health department.

It is now being tested. It will be completed on January 23 and will be ready for operation on January 25.

At this time, the members of the app development team of the ICT department showed how the app will work through a presentation.

Apart from this, it was informed in the briefing that a media cell has been launched in the Directorate of Health to inform about vaccination. Updated information will be communicated daily through news bulletins.

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