BNP sees looting in everything because they are a looting party: Information Minister

Information Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr. Hasan Mahmud.

He said this in response to a question from journalists during an exchange of views with the representatives of the Bangladesh Press Council in the meeting room of the Ministry of Information at the Secretariat.

General Secretary of Bangladesh Newspaper Council MG Kibria Chowdhury along with Rafiq Ulya Sikder, Kazi Anwar Kamal, Masudur Rahman, Nitish Saha participated in the lively discussion on various aspects of protecting the newspaper industry during the Corona period.

In response to BNP Secretary General's comment that the government is looting vaccines, the minister said, BNP thought that the government will not be able to deal with this corona epidemic properly.

From the beginning they expected, and perhaps even prayed, that the epidemic would result in massive loss of life and an anarchic situation in the country. But that didn't happen.

They were very disappointed and spread rumors due to wrong news that the vaccine was not coming at the right time.

But the vaccine is coming at the right time, even as a gift from the Indian government, we are getting two million doses of vaccine for free, said Dr. Hasan said, when BNP is failing in everything, it is talking about looting about vaccines.

In fact, BNP is the looting party, that's why they try to see looting in everything.

The government will implement the vaccine based on a policy and those who are frontline fighters, in case of this corona epidemic, they surely have the right to get the vaccine first, explained the information minister.

Journalists have bravely worked as front-liners during this Corona pandemic. I would request the Minister of Health to consider the matter.

"But if BNP wants to get the vaccine first, then I can request the health minister to give the vaccine to BNP first," said Dr. Hasan Mahmud.

In response to Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir's comment that the government has established authoritarian politics in the country, the information minister said, I will tell Mirza Fakhrul Sahib, first talk about the authoritarian politics in the party he is joining.

A convicted prisoner and another convicted fugitive, Seven Seas Thirteen Across the River is what it says and thus their team decides.

Authoritarian politics is in BNP, not in our party. Hasan Mahmud said, "If there was authoritarian politics in our party, Kader Mirza would not have been able to speak so much, because if he had spoken, action would have been taken against him, which did not happen."

But Major Hafiz of their party has criticized them a little, so I don't think the general secretary of that party has any moral right to talk about this politics in the language in which he has been condemned.

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