Election Commission has become an organ of the ruling party: Fakhrul

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleged that the Election Commission has become an organ of the ruling party.

He said that this election commission is one. You know that this election commission is not a neutral organization.

This institution has now become an organization based on the government, Awami League. Basically they have become an organ of them.

BNP Secretary General made this complaint at a gathering on Thursday afternoon.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, this election commission is a constitutional body. Its responsibility is to conduct elections in a fair and impartial manner. Unfortunately, we see that they have turned the National Assembly election into a farce.

In the country where the Constitution is based, the people are the owners of the state and the people will establish their ownership through elections and establish their government.

He said, we have repeatedly said that this situation must be changed. We have demanded that the Election Commission needs to resign at this moment, this government needs to resign at this moment because they have violated the constitution and taken away the rights of the people and they have become an illegal government without a vote.

BNP Secretary General commented that Chief Election Commission KM Nurul Huda has no qualification to run the Election Commission.

Referring to the Chittagong City Coronation election, he said, "You have seen what happened in this election in the newspapers and magazines." Absolutely bloody, 2 people died. BNP agents were not allowed to stay in the center, they were physically tortured and thrown out.

The saddest thing, which is happening now in every election, is that the administration is being completely used. BNP's adversary is not Awami League anymore, this police administration has become BNP's adversary.

Explaining the reason for participating in local government elections, he said, BNP Liberal Democratic Party, BNP believes in transfer of power through elections. That is, we never seize power through gun-pistol force or revolution. BNP wants to come to power through elections only through the support of the people. For that they are struggling, fighting.

Many people say, what is the rationale for choosing this? We say that this election is a part of the democratic struggle. We can involve our leaders-workers-supporters in elections and go to the people. Which is difficult to go at other times. Doesn't let go, doesn't let move.

Does not allow meeting-committee-meeting. That is the minimum right for people in a democratic system. They have taken that democratic space. That is why we are not participating in the elections.

After welcoming the newly joined leader Shaukat Chowdhury, BNP Secretary General said, I congratulate Shaukat Chowdhury. I hope that he will lead the democratic movement that is going on with the people of Syedpur.

Many more are joining BNP today. BNP is the only party who can bring back democracy, who can lead the country. BNP has brought back democracy in the past and will bring it back in the future.

In the coming days under the leadership of BNP, inshallah, the mass unity that will be created with all the political parties, the tide that will be created through the mass unity that will be created for all the people, through the tumultuous movement, we will remove this government and establish a people's government in the true sense.

This event was held on the occasion of joining Jatiya Party Vice Chairman former Whip Syedpur leader Shaukat Chowdhury at the chairperson's office in Gulshan. Joining leader Shaukat Chowdhury said, time to rescue nationalism. Now there are two parties in the country BNP and Awami League. Both are democratic parties.

The democracy that Awami League wants to establish or is running today is administrative democracy. People's democracy is not among them. People's democracy is in BNP. They have been struggling for people's democracy for a long time. By joining this I am involved in that struggle.

He said, you know, I was the student party president. I have many memories with martyred president Ziaur Rahman, I have met madam many times.

Today I am back to my old party BNP. Everyone should pray for us so that we can destroy this administrative democracy and establish real democracy, people's democracy.

The discussion was chaired by party organizing secretary Asadul Habib Dulu, party organizing secretary Ruhul Quddus Talukdar Dulu, co-organizing secretary Abdul Khalek, Syedpur BNP convener Abdul Ghafoor Sarkar spoke.

BNP central leader Farhad Hossain Azad, Syedpur BNP member secretary Shaheen Akhtar, Rangpar district president Saiful Islam, Chairperson's office Riaz Uddin Nasu, Shayrul Kabir Khan and other local leaders of Syedpur were present in the event.

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