Padma Bridge and Iron Lady Sheikh Hasina's insistence

With the last 41st span of Padma multi-purpose bridge installed last Thursday 10th December, now the main structure of Padma bridge is fully visible. Besides this, 811 TP2T of the entire Padma Setu project and 911 TP2T of the main bridge have been completed.

A golden dream of 16 crore people in Bangladesh is going to be fulfilled through the construction of Padma multipurpose bridge. Building a bridge over Padma, one of the most complex rivers in the world, is also a huge achievement in terms of technology and engineering. Bangladesh's Padma Bridge has already created three new world records. Behind that success, only Iron Lady Sheikh Hasina's insistence should be prioritized.

Firstly, steel piles have been installed at a maximum depth of 122 meters under the piers of the Padma Bridge. These piles are three meters in diameter. No bridge in the world required such deep piling. This is a world record for Padma Bridge.

Secondly, Padma Bridge's 'Friction Pendulum Bearing' capacity is 10,000 tonnes. No bridge has ever been fitted with bearings of such capacity. It has also been designed and built to survive an earthquake of magnitude 9 on the Richter scale. This is also the second world record of Padma Bridge.

Thirdly, an agreement of 1100 million dollars has been signed with the Chinese contractor Sinohydro Corporation for river management work in the construction of Padma Bridge. Nowhere in the world has there been such a large single tender for river governance. In that respect, it is the third world record in the history of bridge construction.

Even in the face of various pressures, the Prime Minister did not retreat to the side of the bridge. Instead, he took steps to fulfill his dreams with the people of the country. Currently one of the most complex engineering projects in the world, the Padma Bridge stands on 42 poles and 41 spans. Each span of Padma Bridge is 150 meters long. Moreover, the length of Padma Bridge in the main part of Shadhu River is 6.15 km and connecting the two banks, the length of the bridge has reached up to 9 and a half km. The road viaduct is 3.8 km and the rail viaduct is 0.532 km. That is, the total length of the bridge is 1.482 kilometers. 14 km of Padma River is being regulated to maintain the flow of the river and protect the bridge. Which is about 15 km on both sides of the connecting road.

When the Padma multi-purpose bridge is opened, the transportation of goods will become easier for nearly 3 crore people of 21 districts in the neglected southern region of the country. Apart from that, positive and indirect effects of Padma Bridge will contribute approximately 1.2% to the country's national GDP by 2030. With major changes in the communication system, domestic and foreign investment will increase in the southern part of the country. Moreover, the establishment of new industrial zones and factories can be expected to pave the way for the creation of large-scale sustainable employment opportunities locally.

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