No nepotism in PM's incentives: Kader

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader has called upon the concerned parties to be strictly careful so that the prime minister's incentives do not become nepotistic and reach the hands of the real victims.

He made this call during a briefing at his official residence on Wednesday (July 14) morning.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already announced an incentive package of Tk 3200 crore for help to the helpless people affected by the lockdown, rural job creation, tourism sector and transport workers and working people. Maximum attention should be given to ensure that the truly affected are listed.

The general secretary of Awami League warned and said, 'There are strict instructions to be careful so that nepotism does not occur in giving incentives to the Prime Minister. Any irregularity in this case will not be tolerated.' He said, 'Strict care should be taken to ensure that incentives do not become nepotistic and reach the hands of the real victims.

Besides reducing the suffering of people during the Eid journey, the government has taken this initiative to relax the lockdown to ensure the financial security of the working people and to keep the flow of the economy dynamic around Eid, said the bridge minister. He said, 'We have to remember that we should not take the opportunity to relax the temporary restrictions so that we don't float in the current of gaddalika. In this situation, you have to be your own protector. The journey of the festival should not turn into the last journey of life due to our own indifference and indifference.

Obaidul Quader also said that even if the Prime Minister breaks the lockdown ahead of Eid, Corona will not break anyone, the infection will spread in a deadly form. So there is no option to wear mask 100%.

Pointing out that public transport will run conditionally across the country from tomorrow due to relaxation of restrictions, the bridge minister said, 'Public transport will run with half the seats vacant at the 60% increased fare adjusted in the previous continuity. Hope the transport owners and labor organizations keep the current infection of Corona in mind and operate the vehicles in accordance with the conditions including hygiene rules. Legal action will be taken against violators and overcharged transporters.

Obaidul Quader alleged that while the government is working sincerely on the Rupganj fire accident, BNP is using their only means of speech-declaration. These are the continuation of BNP's traditional apolitical policies. The house arrest politics and hate speech of the party is polluting the environment of practicing healthy politics in the country.

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