BNP carries the legacy of politics of killing and terror from birth: Kader

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that BNP has been carrying the legacy of politics of killing and terror since birth.

He said this while speaking as the chief guest at a discussion meeting at Azimpur in the capital on Sunday morning on the occasion of Seven Murders Day.

He joined the function through video conferencing from his official residence.

Obaidul Quader said that there will be victory and defeat in the election, but because BNP does not want to accept defeat, on this day in 1994, the defeated councilor of BNP, Abdul Aziz, carried out an armed attack to avenge the defeat.

The triumphant joy of that day turned into melancholy pain. So that 7 Awami League leaders lost their lives.

He said that BNP's apolitical policy was not only in 1994 but also in 2001 when they came to power, they stained the towns of Bengal with the blood of 21 thousand activists.

BNP is continuing the politics of killing through grenade attacks. By sponsoring extreme communalism, BNP now wants to hit the backbone of Bangladesh.

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