The Department of Health fears that the infection will increase due to relaxation of restrictions

In the current situation of the country, if the ongoing restrictions are relaxed, there is a risk of increasing infection, said the Health Department. In the regular corona bulletin on Wednesday afternoon, the spokesperson and line director of the department, Professor Dr. Robed Amin informed about this apprehension.

Restrictions have been relaxed for 8 days from July 15 to 22 ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. But those of us in the Department of Health and the Ministry of Health fear that infections will increase if restrictions are relaxed. But we have to follow the instructions given by the government. That's why I'm paying attention to personal hygiene.

Robed Amin said, if shopping malls and animal markets are kept open during Eid, there is a risk of infection. Therefore, we urge them to ensure maximum hygiene and 100% mask wearing. We have learned that transport will also be opened amid the relaxation of restrictions, but if there is not a halving of passengers, the infection will not decrease, but will increase by leaps and bounds.

Qorbani Haat will run from July 17 to July 21. But if there is no social distancing between people and masks are not used in animal markets, the infection can spread from anyone.

He further said, whether the restrictions are relaxed or not, if hygiene rules are followed properly, then hopefully the infection will not spread so much. But we have seen that hygiene is not being followed that way. If this continues, we think that the infection and death rate is very likely to increase in the post-Eid period. However, the government has said that a 2-week restriction will be imposed again as per the government's instructions immediately after Eid to prevent infection.

Stating that the level of infection in coronavirus is 30 percent, he warned the countrymen that if the use of masks in the market of sacrificial animals is not 100%, the level of infection cannot be reduced even with all efforts. Therefore, we also request the law enforcement agencies to ensure that hygiene is strictly followed by everyone.

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