Playing with people's lives is not desirable in any way: Dr. Kamal

Ganoforum president Dr. Kamal Hossain said that it is not desirable to play with people's lives. We are deeply concerned about the terrible and dangerous situation in the country. At this moment, it is necessary to take all measures to save people's lives. The government has failed to take necessary steps to deal with the Corona situation. Even if money is cut from other sectors of the budget, vaccination of all people must be ensured.

He said this in a statement on Friday.
Dr. Kamal said that the severity and loss of life due to Corona will increase manifold, the responsibility of which will fall on the government. Corona vaccine should be arranged for all citizens. Even if money is cut from other sectors of the budget, corona vaccine should be imported on priority basis from any country in the world.

Adequate provision of oxygen, ventilation and all medical supplies should be made before the situation becomes more dire. In order to achieve the purpose of the lockdown to combat the corona virus, food and daily necessities of the people who eat day by day must be guaranteed. The way garment mills and factories are operating, the workers and employees go to work in groups from a distance, maintaining this situation will not bring benefits in fighting Corona.

I demand to take necessary steps with fair opinion of experts to deal with this dire situation. He also mentioned that corruption should be brought to zero tolerance.

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