Banks will remain open during lockdown

The government has issued a notification imposing strict restrictions and restrictions on public and vehicular movement and operation of various public and private institutions across the country from 6 am on Thursday (July 1). However, the bank will be open during this time. Apart from this, some departments of the National Board of Revenue and financial institutions will also remain open due to the June closure.

The notification issued by the Ministry of Public Administration on Wednesday (June 30) said that Bangladesh Bank will issue a circular with necessary guidelines in this regard.
When asked, Bangladesh Bank executive director and spokesperson Sirajul Islam told the media, 'The bank will remain open. Banks will be informed by issuing a circular in this regard.

Earlier, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said that everything except emergency services will be closed during the strict 'lockdown'. However, due to the end of the financial year, financial institutions and some offices related to the National Board of Revenue and Accounts will be kept open to a limited extent.

The Cabinet Department has issued a notification to keep all offices, vehicles and shops closed for a seven-day strict 'lockdown' from Thursday (July 1) to prevent the spread of the corona virus in the country.
In the notification, all public and private offices, vehicles and shops are to be closed. During this time, if you go out without urgent need, you will face severe punishment, it has been informed by the government.

The notification states that in view of the current situation of Corona virus disease (Covid-19) infection, the following restrictions have been imposed from 6 am on July 1 to midnight on July 7 with the following conditions attached:

1. All government, semi-government, autonomous and private offices will remain closed.

2. All types of mechanized vehicles including public transport on road, rail and waterways will be closed. Domestic flights will also be suspended.

3. All shops including shopping malls/markets will remain closed.

4. All tourist centres, resorts, community centers and entertainment centers will remain closed.

5. Public gatherings such as social (post-wedding functions, birthdays, picnic parties etc.) political and religious ceremonies will be closed.

Mentioning that the Army will be in the field to implement the lockdown, the notification said, the Armed Forces Department will deploy the required number of troops to ensure effective field level patrolling under the 'Army in Aid to Civil Power' provision. The District Magistrate will contact the local army commander to confirm the matter.

It is also said that the District Magistrate will hold a coordination meeting with the concerned officers at the district level to determine the jurisdiction, procedure and timing of Army-BGB-Police-RAB and Ansar recruitment and patrolling. Also take action if any special action is required. The concerned Ministries/Departments will provide necessary instructions at the field level in this regard.

Strict disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who steps out of the house except for emergency personnel and for urgent reasons from Thursday, a press release said on Tuesday night.

According to the statement, the government has requested everyone to follow all hygiene rules including wearing masks.

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