No need for lockdown if everyone wears masks, follows hygiene rules: Who?

Lockdown is not necessary if people follow proper mask and hygiene rules. And lockdown is meaningless if you show indifference by not following hygiene rules.

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said these things during a regular briefing at his official residence on Tuesday (July 13) morning.
He also commented that wearing a mask properly is the biggest protection to get rid of corona infection.

Obaidul Quader also said that the corona infection has now spread from the city to the village. At one time, many people thought that the people of the village would not get corona. The virus has now spread from village to village proving this idea wrong. Every day the infection is surpassing the previous day's rate. In such a situation, apart from wearing a mask, strict hygiene rules should be followed.

He urged all political parties irrespective of party affiliation, including social and voluntary groups, to conduct campaigns to raise awareness. He said, 'Preventive measures should be strengthened by walking cautiously and wearing masks without creating mess in bazaars or tea shops.

Obaidul Quader said that if we are not careful for our own safety, if we show indifference, no one will be able to protect us. "One day, even if we increase the beds in the hospital, we will not be able to handle the patients, keeping that situation in mind, we must ensure that we wear masks as well as maintain social distance and other hygiene rules. Must comply. It should be remembered that the most effective tool to prevent corona is a mask.

Lockdown can be evaded but Corona cannot be evaded, - proof of that is the high rate of infection and death', the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges urged everyone, regardless of party, to make use of the opportunity given by the Prime Minister to celebrate the festival even in the situation of Corona infection.

Urging everyone to be strictly careful so that no one rushes irresponsibly to ferry wharfs, bus terminals, launch terminals and animal markets in Qorbani, the minister said, 'Otherwise, a terrible disaster will ensue and the situation will go out of control.

Obaidul Quader urged all the leaders and activists of Awami League to continue to stand by the helpless, distressed and suffering people during this Corona crisis and on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Besides, he requested the capable and public representatives of the party to extend their hand of support to the poor, helpless and sick workers of the party.

In the present situation, announcing the suspension of the party's political and organizational programs, the general secretary of Awami League said, 'Now the only program is to stand by the helpless people.

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