Long term loans are being given to lawyers at low interest: Law Minister

Lawyers, especially junior lawyers, have been deprived of practicing for about two and a half months due to the coronavirus. Many have fallen into financial crisis. Many are suffering.

To alleviate their suffering, measures are being taken to provide long-term loans at low interest rates. This loan will be given through Bangladesh Bar Council.

The law minister said these things through video conferencing on Sunday at the inauguration ceremony of the eight-storey Chief Judicial Magistrate Court building built at a cost of Tk 54 crore in Faridpur.

District and Sessions Judge of Faridpur. In the ceremony presided over by Salim Mia, Member of Parliament of Faridpur-1 Constituency Manjur Hossain, Member of Parliament of Faridpur-4 Constituency Mojibur Rahman Chowdhury (Nixon), Secretary of Law and Justice Department Md. Golam Sarwar, Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarkar, Superintendent of Police Md. Alimuzzaman, District Awami League President Advocate Subal Chandra Saha, District Bar Association President AOM Khaled and others spoke.

The program was conducted by Joint Secretary of Law and Justice Department Bikash Kumar Saha.

Recalling the Bangabandhu murder case and prison murder case, the trial of criminals against humanity, Law Minister Anisul Haque said that the first sentence in this subcontinent due to death in custody was also done during his government. He said, the rule of law can be established by punishing the criminals.

No one is above the law, in this country everyone has to obey the law and anyone who violates it will be prosecuted and punished according to law. Everyone should remember this.

People will trust us only when they get fair justice. Judiciary is one of the three important organs of the state. Judges and lawyers are two very important institutions for the proper administration of this judiciary.

Judges and lawyers are two very valuable organs for the functioning of the judiciary. These two institutions must ensure the right of the people to get justice.

He said that the development trend of the current government will continue. The e-judiciary project which has been undertaken at a cost of Tk 2,876 crore will also be implemented. If justice is ensured, the people will get the benefits of these works.

Currently 37 lakh cases are pending. This entanglement should be reduced. We will try to reduce the entanglement of this case by going through the middle of Justice delayed is justice denied and Justice hurried is justice Buried and try to deliver justice to the people.

The consequences of not delivering justice to the people should not be uttered.

Like her father, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina believes in the independence and development of the judiciary. He said that the court buildings built by the British were not changed by other governments until Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to power.

After Sheikh Hasina came to power, she started a large-scale infrastructure development in the judicial department. His government's developmental touch has reached from the Supreme Court to the district level magistrate courts.

The Government is constructing Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Buildings and District Judge Court Buildings in each district. Assessed judges properly and increased their salaries and allowances. Because Sheikh Hasina thinks that if judges are financially sound, they can concentrate on work and people will get fair justice.

Although the constitution given by Bangabandhu had provision for separation of judiciary, military and Khaleda Zia government did not implement it.

After Sheikh Hasina came to power in 1996, she brought many positive changes in the judiciary and as a result of these changes, the judiciary was separated on 1 November 2007.

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