10 Honda 20 hooligan elections were cold then and not now: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, we have given 31-point instructions to deal with the shock of the coronavirus. There was an incentive.

When the discussion about the coronavirus vaccine started, we booked the vaccine with advance money. I have heard a lot of jokes about vaccines.

Now the vaccine has arrived. The vaccine itself has answered those questions.

The Prime Minister said this in the closing speech of the first session of the National Parliament on Tuesday (February 2).

He said, we have purchased 3 crore doses of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. No adverse reactions have been reported after receiving this vaccine.

Still we are monitoring. From February 8, the vaccine will be given to everyone across the country. I have not heard praise about this in the country. But the UN Secretary General praised.

The Prime Minister said that we have decided who will get the corona vaccine first. Those receiving the corona vaccine should still wear masks, always follow hygiene rules.

Until the corona virus is gone from the world, wear a mask and follow hygiene rules.

On the prescription of the World Bank, against the initiative of stopping the railways by striking the railway workers through the golden handshake, he brought out steps to revive the railways by establishing new railway stations, purchasing new railway engines and carriages.

Besides, the government established an extensive network of communication across the country by constructing 428 railway bridges and 491 km. Railway lines have been constructed and 1 thousand 181 km. Railways have been renovated.

After the coming of the government in 1996, the Awami League government took the initiative to make it multi-purpose by adding railway and various utility services to the Yamuna bridge and said that even if the World Bank prevented the construction of the railway line on the Yamuna bridge, I said I will do it.

And now we are constructing separate railway bridges as railways have proved to be the most viable. He mentioned the construction of expressway and metro rail to solve traffic congestion in Dhaka city.

Addressing the critics of Padma Bridge, he said, if you leave Dhaka and go to Munshiganj across the bridge, you will see how the road has been made. It will not look like Bangladesh at all.

Referring to Dhaka Chittagong Highway and Marine Drive in Cox's Bazar, he said, "We have proved that development can be done if there is an effort for development."

Sheikh Hasina said, people are now voting sincerely. Now voting is done through EVM where there is no chance of rigging.

He can cast his own vote. Referring to the past election farce, he said, "10 Hondas and 20 gangsters are cold".

Stating that the government is implementing various programs aimed at creating skilled manpower for the employment of the youth, the head of government said that along with the government, initiatives have been taken by CRI of Awami League and Young Bangla to provide training to create skilled workers.

Free textbooks from pre-primary to secondary levels across the country continue to be distributed and scholarships and stipends are being provided to around 2 crore students despite the coronavirus, he said.

The Prime Minister said that his government has appointed 2,000 doctors, 6,000 nurses and health workers and lab technicians across the country to treat the coronavirus. Also, more manpower is needed in the medical sector and they will be taken.

Sheikh Hasina said, no one will be homeless in Mujib's Bengal. Already 70 thousand homeless people have been given houses. Another 1 lakh houses are under construction. These houses will be handed over on Mujib year and golden jubilee of independence.

In the closing speech, Sheikh Hasina pointed out the absence of the opposition leader and said that this session is going on during the time of Corona. For which it may not be possible to bring all the parliamentarians together.

Our Leader of the Opposition was supposed to be here. But he didn't come here thinking about the people because one person was diagnosed with corona in his house.

I am sorry that we could not hear his speech, but thank him for the welfare of the people in him. However, it would have been better if he had come so we could have heard his speech.

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