The first stormy wind of the year also hit Narsingdi

Narsingdi to Borhan Mehdi : The drunken awakening of the first storm of the year also hit Narsingdi. It is raining non-stop. There is no more fear of cold winds or storms. A little while ago, the sky was covered with thick dark clouds, the northern corner. For the first time in the public mind, there was a fear of attack by Baishekhi.

Rain started with light stormy winds in Shibpur, Raipura, Manohardi, Belabo, Madhavadi and Palash of Narsingdi district. Later it increased a little. Hail and dust storms have been reported at some places. It is still raining heavily. But in many places the roads have become muddy due to rain water.

Big and small are getting the mood of Boishakh today. Reminding everyone that the day of mango fall has arrived. It has been observed that the young children and teenagers have already gone out on the road in the rain. Now I am hoping to get Amalki or Jamrul even if I don't get hard mangoes.

A friend sat down to write poetry in this first rain. To the youth, this one pashala charo madal has awakened the dreamy hope of twenty two leaves of the mind. Indeed, the Kukil Kuhutan of the new spring and the Maugandh of the breezy lemon flowers of the cloudy day are a great inspiration for the poets to write.

The joy of this Baishekhi spring is the call to leave the old and the new. The storm will break the branches, this is a wild crazy game uprooting the house. There is pain in it, there is renewed faith. And our Bengalis live in the shadow of this sorrow.

Between the eyes, banana leaves, bamboo trees, mango and litchi branches are swaying, pond water is swaying. And the sweet cool mood is a great enjoyable afternoon at this moment. I open the window of the house and am enjoying today's new excitement with the falling raindrops touching the floor.

not today First of Kalvaishakhi During the journey, there was no news of any erosion damage anywhere in the district.

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