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Fakhrul asked the unemployed to pay Tk 15,000 in cash

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the lockdown has now become an ineffective cruel joke. The ongoing lockdown is an inhuman tool to kill billions of marginalized people who have become unemployed due to lack of food. As a result of the government's indifference in the management of the epidemic and the extreme failure in formulating science-minded policies, the country's corona situation has reached an uncontrollable state.

On one hand, premature death of corona patients due to lack of oxygen, lack of ICU facilities. Hospitals are not getting minimum beds for treatment and lack of required number of doctors and medicines has created panic among the people.

He said this in a virtual press conference on Thursday afternoon.

In order to fight against the terrible corona epidemic, during the ongoing lockdown, the poor, distressed and unemployed people, i.e. day-to-day workers, informal workers, transport workers, shop workers, hawkers, marginal farmers and all the lower classes who have already fallen into the ranks of the poor, need to be identified and kept at home. I demand to pay 15 thousand rupees in one time cash to everyone immediately.

6-7% of our GDP i.e. a small part of the current huge budget of Tk 6 lakh crore can be allocated to this sector to provide humanitarian assistance to the poor people. What is needed is the willingness and sincerity of the government.

The government's unplanned and inhumane lockdown decision has brought the lives of crores of 'din ane din khai' people of this country to a standstill. We all know that if any country has to implement the lockdown in the real sense, then those who will be directly affected by it, should be provided with food by the state on a priority basis. Otherwise it is impossible to keep people indoors due to heartburn and it is bound to defeat the purpose of lockdown.

Almost all the countries of the world have continuously supported the poor people for several months to survive the lockdown. In England, the government has legislated support for those who have not been paid due to the lockdown. In other countries, including the United States, the lockdown has been implemented by depositing cash in the accounts of citizens in advance, i.e. ensuring food aid.

The current government of Bangladesh is effectively an inhumane government, this time it is understood by the amount of aid allotted to the poor people during the strict lockdown. During the lockdown on June 27, the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief allocated only 23 crore six lakh 75 thousand taka and later another 11 crore taka in favor of 64 districts to provide humanitarian assistance to the poor, distressed, indigent and unemployed people.

It is said that by calling the number 333, food-aid will be given from this allocation to those who are eligible to receive humanitarian assistance. Which will include 10 kg of rice, 1 kg of oil, 1 kg of dal, 5 kg of potatoes and 1 kg of salt. He also mentioned that the number of rupees which will stand as 1000 rupees as price determination.

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