The A.League leader who was seriously injured in the attack by the supporters of Mamunul Haque died

The Awami League leader died today Tuesday (April 7) around one o'clock in the morning while undergoing treatment at the city's private Parkview Hospital. He was under treatment in that hospital for four days.

Earlier, he was injured in an attack by supporters of Hefajat leader Mamunul Haque in Rangunia Upazila of Chittagong and was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Awami League has alleged that BNP-Jamaat and Hefazat leaders and activists caused the attack by spreading rumors among the common people of the area. Joint Secretary General of Custody Mamunul Haque along with his alleged wife were arrested at a resort in Narayanganj on Saturday (April 3).

Muhibullah and three others were attacked in Dakshinpara area of Kodala Union of Rangunia from the procession which came out in support of Mamunul after the news of this incident. A procession of about 400 people met Mahibullah, Jabbar and Liton at the mouth of Dakshinpara and attacked them. Jabbar and Liton somehow managed to escape. Muhibullah was brutally hacked and wounded.

He was first taken to Chandraghona Hospital, then to the city. The other two are - Kodala Union Jubo League President Abdul Jabbar and former General Secretary Liton.

The deceased md. Muhibullah (46) is a member of the Executive Committee of Kodala Union Awami League of Rangunia and former president of Union Jubo League.

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