Prabarana Purnima, a Buddhist religious festival celebrated in Boalkhali

Boalkhali representative: Prabarana Purnima, one of the religious festivals of Buddhists, is celebrated in Boalkhali by flying lanterns in the sky. The temple was crowded with pilgrims since morning. Before dusk, lanterns are flown in front of all Buddhist temples. Although it is associated with Buddhist monks' observance of Varshabrata, Buddhists celebrate this festival every year on the full moon day.

Around this interesting festival, there is a flood of joy in Shakpura Lalchand Vihar and Boalkhali Vihars. In Buddhism, believers are freed from sin by throwing their sins into the sky along with the lantern. And express the desire of the heart by lighting the lamp.

General Secretary of Sangraj Purnachar Bhikshu Sangsad Shrimat Sheel Pal Mer said, I wish everyone well on Pravarna Purnima. And on this day, I wish that Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims all can create a beautiful environment of the country by maintaining harmony.

On the occasion of the festival, day-long Prabhatferi, hoisting of national and religious flags,
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This festival is held in total 37 Bihar including 7 in Ahala Karldenga, 3 in Amuchia, 16 in Sripur Kharandwip, 1 in Charandwip, 1 in Sarwatli, 5 in Shakpura and 4 in Municipalities. However, there is no Buddhist monastery in Boalkhali Popadia Union.

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