A man was burnt to death in Lalmonirhat with the title of atheist

A man was beaten to death and his body burnt by an angry crowd at Burimari Sthal Bandar Central Mosque in Patgram, Lalmonirhat, on the charge of insulting the holy book of Muslims, Quran Sharif. There is tension in the area based on this incident on Thursday afternoon. The police opened fire to control the situation. However, the identity of the deceased has not yet been found. Patgram Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Suman Kumar Mohant confirmed the matter.

Local UP member Hafizul Islam was at the spot after the incident. Narrating the incident, he said, 'After Asr prayers, two unidentified persons came to Burimari Central Jame Masjid. One of them entered the mosque along with Jubed Ali, the keeper of the mosque, and started searching him for having weapons to keep books of Quran and Hadith. At one point, 5-6 worshipers in front of the mosque entered the mosque and beat up the person and another person in the balcony. On getting the news, I went to the spot and tried to save those two people by entering a room of Burimari Union Parishad and locking it. But immediately hundreds of people began to gather.

I and a local man named Rafiqul Islam Pradhan called Patgram Police Station OC Suman Kumar Mohant, UNO Kamrun Nahar, Upazila Chairman Ruhul Amin Babul and Burimari Union Parishad Chairman SM Newaz Nishat and asked them to come to the spot. In the meantime, the excited crowd broke the doors and windows of the council without listening to anyone and took out a person and beat him to death. Later, they took the body and set it on fire with charcoal and petrol at Burimari First Bamboo Mill area of Lalmonirhat-Burimari National Highway. There were 5-6 thousand excited people, nobody had any control.'

He also said on the mobile, 'We did not get time to talk to the two people. So identification was not possible. It was not even possible to know about their religion.'

Muazzin Afiz Uddin of Burimari Central Jame Masjid said, "When I finished Asr prayer and went out, I saw Khadem Zubed Ali being greeted by two strangers and talking to him with a handshake. Then they entered inside the mosque. I go too. I heard about the incident later. But I don't know the details.'

When asked to know, Zubed Ali, the Khadem of that mosque, said, "I was told by RAB and Army that the person who keeps Quran Sharif and Hadith has weapons." Saying this, one of them started searching. At one point, he destroyed everything. At that time, 5-6 worshipers, including a worshiper named Hussain Ali (35), who was staying outside the mosque, entered the mosque and arrested two people and brought them out. They were first beaten on the stairs of the mosque's balcony. Later Hafizul Islam member came and took them. I don't know what happened next.'

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