The entire mosque was turned into a gas chamber

Four organizations are continuing the investigation to unravel the mystery of the horrific explosion in the mosque. Throughout the day on Sunday, he thoroughly observed the various structures and signs inside and outside the mosque.

The members of the investigation team are carrying out their investigation by keeping various issues in front of them. In this, the members of Fire Service and Civil Defense say that we prioritize 17 issues as the cause of fire or explosion.

They said that they are investigating the incident of gas accumulation as the cause of fire and explosion in the mosque.

However, they are not ruling out the issue of sabotage. However, they said, we have confirmed initially that there was no AC explosion and no fire.

Speaking to some members of the investigating agency, the entire mosque turned into a methane gas chamber before the explosion on Friday night.

This gas originally emerged from under the ground and gradually accumulated in the mosque. The entire mosque was covered in Thai glass so they could not escape and its density was high.

Methane gas particles bounce around a lot. Due to which gas entered inside the mosque through the nostrils of the people, they became an unknown gas chamber. As soon as the line was changed due to power outage, the mosque caught fire with sparks and explosions in less than a nanosecond.

And this fire burned every worshiper inside the mosque almost equally. Because they had the presence of methane gas in their nostrils and airways. Because of which everyone has heartbreaking incidents like burning airways.

The main reason behind the explosion and fire in the mosque was the excessive presence of exhaust gases, where there was an excess of methane gas. As the gas accumulated, the mosque once turned into a huge gas chamber, which the worshipers could not escape.

This gas entered the nose, mouth and stomach of the worshipers along with breathing. In less than a nanosecond, a spark from changing an electrical line causes the whole house to burst into flames. The fire burns all worshipers almost equally and everyone suffers inhalation burns.

Commenting that there was no fire inside the mosque due to the explosion of the air conditioner, he said that the fire inside the mosque started due to the accumulated gas. And when the muezzin manually changed the line because the power went out, in the blink of an eye the entire mosque caught fire from a spark.

However, we are also investigating whether there is any kind of sabotage behind the fire. He said, it is not right to install electric board inside the mosque like this. Again it was not safe to keep that board open.

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