Death of class III girl: Father claims suicide, mother says murder

A mystery has arisen over the death of a class III girl in Khajuria village of Bagdha union of Barisal's Agailjhara upazila. The child's father says that he committed suicide. However, the mother's complaint is that the stepmother and father are trying to call her suicide by killing her due to the greed of property.

Last Wednesday night, the body of Nusrat Jahan Noha (9), a third class student of the local Darul Falah Pre-Cadet Academy, was recovered. That night his father. Suman Mia school assistant teacher. Sufiqul Islam was charged with incitement to suicide. He alleged that the school authorities have opened the school even in the midst of Corona and conducted temporary examinations. The teacher abused and beat his daughter because she did badly in the exam. His daughter committed suicide due to this insult.

According to local sources, Nusrat's father Suman Mia has four marriages. Nusrat Jahan was born to his wife Tanya Akhtar. Suman married another when Nusrat was 5 years old. At one stage Suman broke up with Nusrat's mother Tania. Since then, Nusrat lived with her stepmother Jhumur Begum.
Nusrat's mother Tanya Akhtar (30) told Prothom Alo that her daughter committed suicide by twisting a veil and towel against the ceiling of the house. But veil or towel is not possible for this little girl. That much child can't climb up and put a noose around his neck. He alleged that father and stepmother killed Nusrat.

Tania's mother and Nusrat's grandmother Taslima Begum also complained about the same. He said that Nusrat's grandfather Abdur Rahim came to his house last Sunday and said that he will deed all his properties in Nusrat's name very soon. He also told her that he had informed his son Suman and Nusrat's stepmother Jhumur Begum. He alleged that Nusrat did not commit suicide. He was killed in a planned manner and the body was hanged for the sake of property and it is being called suicide.

When asked about Taslima's statement, Abdur Rahim Mia, Nusrat's grandfather, said that he had decided to write the property in Nusrat's name. Last Sunday morning, he went to that house (Nusrat's grandmother's house) and said this. When asked about the cause of Nusrat's death, he said, 'I will not say anything about it, Allah sees everything, He will judge.'
When asked about the allegations, Nusrat's stepmother Jhumur Begum refused to speak. And father md. Suman said that some dishonest people of the village and his relatives are running a false campaign to save teacher Safiqul.
Meanwhile, today Friday went to Khajuria village and talked with at least 20 people including Asma Begum, Bina Akhtar, Hanufa Begum and Moktar Hossain. They said, the matter is mysterious. Because the father claims that the child has leaked, it is not possible for any child to climb there. A proper investigation will reveal the real facts.

President of Darul Falah Pre-Cadet Academy Management Committee and General Secretary of Bagdha Union Awami League. Shakhawat Hossain told Prothom Alo that teacher Safiqul Islam disciplined several students including Nusrat. Later, the students left the school smiling. Nusrat cannot commit suicide. Inspector (Investigation) of Agailjhara Police Station. Mazaharul Islam told Prothom Alo that after getting the autopsy report, it will be clear whether it is murder or suicide. He said that the investigation is going on keeping in mind the issue of writing off the property.

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