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Bangladesh blew Australia in two consecutive matches

Tiger roar again in Mirpur Sher Bengal. Great win for Team Tiger. The color of the match has changed repeatedly. Fear of defeat has arisen again and again. Cricket has finally won. As there was no opportunity to come to the field, the audience watched a fascinating match sitting in front of the TV.

Bangladesh won their second consecutive win against Australia with the great batting of two youngsters, Afif and Sohan. In the second match of the series, Team Tigers won by 5 wickets. Mahmudullahs have a chance to secure the series next Friday by leading by 2-0.

Bangladesh got off to a shaky start as they chased runs within reach. Mitchell Starc bowled Soumya (0) in the third over. After scoring 2 runs in the first match, this opener hit 'Dak' today. Shakib signaled to seal the match by hitting two boundaries on the wicket. But in the next over, Naeem, who scored 9 runs off 13 balls, was bowled by Hazelwood.

Bangladesh lost two wickets for 21 runs. Shakib's partner is Mehdi Hasan. Bangladesh once again took control of the match with the pair of these two. But Andrew Tye pushed Bangladesh to the back foot again by bowling the world's best all-rounder for 26 runs. Shakib's 17-ball innings had 4 boundaries.

Bangladesh lost the third wicket for 58 runs in the 9th over. Captain Mahmudullah came to the wicket. Instead of giving the team confidence, he played a loose shot and was bowled for no runs in 4 balls. The hunter's name is Aston Agar.

Bangladesh is in danger after losing two big stars with a gap of 1 run. The danger would have increased if Marsh's leg-before wicket appeal against Inform Afif Hussain had been successful. The umpire raised his finger. Bangladesh is successful with reviews. Adam Zampa struck the fifth in the Tigers' fortress. Mehdi Hasan, who was playing the Abol Tabol shot from the start, was stumped after scoring 23 runs off 24 balls.

The team still needs 55 runs from 52 balls to win. Afif Hossain and Nurul Hasan Sohan brought the team back to the match again. Both of them quickly set on the wicket and started hitting with open arms. Bangladesh started getting the aroma of victory slowly. The pair crossed fifty. These two youngsters did not let any disaster happen in the match. Afif hit a boundary in the fourth ball of the 19th over to bring the team to victory.

Earlier, the bowlers won the toss and went into bat in the second match of the series at Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium on Wednesday. Australia scored 121 runs for 7 wickets in the stipulated 20 overs. Bangladesh started the bowling attack with Mehdi Hasan. He gave only 1 run in the first over. Nasum Ahmed, the hero of the first match, came in the next over. He gave 12 runs including digesting two boundaries in the over. In the next over, Mehdi picked up Alex Carey (11) in the third ball and caught Nasum Ahmed's palm. Australia lost their first wicket by 13 runs. On the first ball of the fifth over by Nasum, the umpire rejected Phillip's request for leg before. Bangladesh also failed with the review. Because the ball touched Phillip's feet before the bat.

Mustafizur Rahman came to bowl in the 6th over. Jos Filipe, who scored 10 runs off 14 balls, bowled the fourth ball directly. Mustafizur Rahman's cutter was outside leg stump. Philippe batted without understanding the line of the ball. What happens happens. The stump is uprooted. Ajid's second wicket fell for 31 runs. After quickly losing two wickets, Australia turned around with the bat of Henriques and Marsh. These two put Bangladesh on the back foot by making a pair of 57 runs off 52 balls. Finally Shakib bowled Henriques who scored 30 runs off 25 balls with 3 fours and 1 six. Henriques was bowled after missing the line to sweep the world's best all-rounder.

At the other end, Mitchell Marsh was making runs with the ball. It was essential to stop Marsh, who made 45 off 42 balls with 5 boundaries. Shariful Islam fulfilled that responsibility. His ball touched Marsh's bat and deposited into the gloves of keeper Sohan. Then the back-and-forth game began. Mustafiz took his second victim by bowling Aussie skipper Matthew Wade (4) in the third ball of the 18th over. Australia lost five wickets for 103 runs.

Aston Agar (0) was caught in the keeper's gloves on the very next ball. Mustafiz had a chance to score a hat trick. But the ball goes wide. No run came from the fifth ball. Shariful returns Turner (3). In the allotted 20 overs, Australia scored 121 runs for 7 wickets. Mustafiz is the successful bowler of Bangladesh with 3 wickets for 23 runs in 4 overs. Shariful took 2 wickets. Shakib and Mehdi took 1 wicket each.

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