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Whale suicide: When one partner dies, the other whale commits suicide!

Whale suicide: Two dead whales floated in Cox's Bazar a few days ago? Scientists think they are a couple. The male whale may have been hit by a large ship. Unable to bear this grief, the female whale also committed suicide.

Whales are very emotional animals. Whales also have intelligence. They never walk alone. Go together. When a whale is left alone after the death of its mate, it chooses to commit suicide.

There are many cases of suicide of whales in the world when their mate dies. They like to go in groups. When one person is in danger, everyone jumps. Gives his life effortlessly for the team.

তিমির আত্মহত্যা: এক সঙ্গীর মৃত্যু হলে অপর তিমি ও আত্মহত্যা করে!

A few years ago in New Zealand about 300 whales committed suicide in one day. They come up to the seashore. Humans tried hard to send them back to the sea.

About 100 whales washed ashore in Tamil Nadu, India. Fishermen tried hard to push many into the sea, but they came back. After releasing them in the sea at night, they all returned in the morning and were lying dead on the shore.

Scientists theorize that a whale sends a signal to the ocean when it becomes beached and gets stuck in the sand. A flock of whales came to save him and got stuck themselves. Fishermen try to capture them and send them back to the sea, but they keep coming back until they find their mates.

There was much discussion about a game called the blue whale. The game that drives people to commit suicide. This is the merit of naming the game.

There is no acting, no deceit, no treachery in any animal except man. What they do for their partner, they do it desperately for the team. Because their intelligence is less. They do not have the intelligence to cheat. They don't try to please the leader by taking selfies. They do not have the ability to keep the hatred in their hearts with a smile on their face.

The amount of weapons that humans have developed to kill themselves is not enough to kill other animals. No animal kills another animal except to satisfy its own hunger. Don't beat anyone to show your strength. But the best creature in creation, "man".

Author: Nahidul Islam

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