Dhaka is returning to its old look again

People are returning to the workplace and essential work to accompany the pandemic. Although the educational institutions are not opened, the capital Dhaka is on the way to normality.

The pressure of vehicles on the road has increased. The roads which were empty a few days ago, are now congested. Some areas of the capital have been visited on the ground, Dhaka is returning to its old appearance again.

Most of the passengers walking on the streets and taking buses to their destination are not wearing masks.

Passengers are sitting in piles of human haulers plying from Abdullahpur in Uttara of the capital to Mainartak via Beribandh road.

13 people are sitting on the seat of 10 people on one side. Among them, only four of the total 28 people, including the driver and a helper standing behind, are wearing masks. They are all female passengers.

The country is normal now, there is no fear of corona. Rabiul, a businessman, traveled to Mirpur from Motijheel by Prajapati Paribahan at 11 am.

His business is at Mirpur-12. Rabiul told Kal Kantha that it took him two hours and 30 minutes to reach Mirpur-12 from Motijheel. Noor Ali, the driver of that bus said, the traffic jam has started again, what should we do.

Various areas of the capital have been visited, severe traffic congestion on the roads from Farmgate, Mirpur-10 to Gabtali, Gabtali to Shyamli, Matsya Bhavan to Motijheel, Azimpur to Sadarghat, Kuril Bishwarod to Motijheel via Badda.

After the decision to start public transport at the former fare, all types of buses, big and small, have hit the roads simultaneously. Many bus owners did not run buses after the two-seat-one-passenger system was introduced.

Their buses were sitting for fear of loss. Now they have also started buses on the road. Again, human haulers, easy bikes, engine-driven rickshaws are also moving on the road without fear. Apart from this, there are pickup vans. Due to this, traffic jam has been created on the road.

The road from Mirpur via Farmgate to Motijheel was potholed due to the construction of Metro Rail, which is under repair. Big potholes all over the road from the airport to Tongi Bridge.

Due to all those potholes, vehicles have to drive slowly. Due to this slowness, there is a traffic jam from the airport to Tongi almost throughout the day.

Traffic congestion has been observed at Gulshan, Mohakhali, Farmgate, Gabtali, Mirpur and Kalshi roads in the capital. On Thursday afternoon in the capital's Gulshan, it was seen that there was traffic jam on both sides of the signal of Gulshan-1.

It takes this reporter 50 minutes to reach Farmgate in a BRTC double-decker bus from Gulshan. On the way to Farmgate, there was heavy traffic at TB Gate, Mohakhali Amtali, Railgate and Vijay Sarani.

Congestion was also observed at Asadgate, Shyamoli, Technical Junction on the way to Gabtali by a Welcome Transport bus from Farmgate. A significant presence of public transport has been noted at this time.

A heavy traffic jam was also observed at Mirpur, Kalshi on the way from Gabtali Mazar Road to Kuril Bishwar Road via Kalshi by an Achim Paribahan bus.

Meanwhile, there was traffic jam in Syedabad and Jatrabari areas throughout the day. Even though the buses were plying with the old fare, not many passengers were seen in the vehicle. But the pressure of vehicles on the road has increased a lot.

Rahim, the driver of Balaka Paribahan, said that during the Corona period, people were less on the road. Cars were less then. But despite the increase in the number of vehicles on the road due to the return of the old fare, the number of passengers is relatively low.

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