Corona situation has become dire in Kushtia, 15 deaths in 24 hours

Corona situation has taken a dire shape in Kushtia. The march of death does not stop even in lockdown. In the 24 hours from Saturday (03 July) 8:00 am to Sunday (04 July) 8:00 am, 15 people died due to corona and six people died due to symptoms.

Among them, 13 people died of corona and six of symptoms in the corona unit of the 250-bed general hospital and one person died of corona in Kumarkhali Upazila Health Complex and one died of corona at home.

This is the highest death toll in the district in 24 hours. At this time, 193 people were diagnosed with corona in the sample test of 609 people.
Kushtia General Hospital's resident medical officer (RMO) confirmed this information on Sunday (July 4) morning. Tapas Kumar Govt.

One corona patient under treatment at Kumarkhali Upazila Health Center and one more corona patient died while undergoing treatment at home. The houses of both the deceased are in Nandalalpur union of the upazila. Dr. Kumarkhali Upazila Health Complex Health Officer. Akul Uddin confirmed the death of two people infected with Corona.

According to the sources of the District Commissioner's office, in the last 24 hours, the rate of corona detection in the district is 31.69 percent. Out of the newly identified 193 people, 36 are from Kushtia Sadar, 45 from Daulatpur, 31 from Kumarkhali, 27 from Bheramara, 23 from Mirpur.

And Khoksar has 31 people.
So far 64 thousand 547 samples have been taken for testing in the district. 61 thousand 994 sample test reports have been received. The rest are awaiting sample test reports. So far 8 thousand 475 people have been infected with corona in the district and 5 thousand 762 people have recovered.

Currently, the number of active corona patients in Kushtia is 2 thousand 493. Among them, 265 people are under treatment in hospital and 2 thousand 228 people are in home isolation.

Kushtia Civil Surgeon Dr. HM Anwarul Islam said that between the first and second wave of Corona, the highest detection and death records are currently being recorded. The number of deaths and detections is increasing rapidly in all upazilas. Despite the lockdown, some are walking on the streets without following hygiene rules. There is a risk of corona infection.

As a result, the benefits of the lockdown will not be met. There remains a risk of further spread of infection due to poor hygiene practices among the public. He also commented that it will be very difficult to handle the situation with the increasing rate of corona infection.

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