CEO of e-commerce site arrested on fraud charges

DMP's DB Cyber and Special Crime Department has arrested Shahriar Khan, CEO of e-commerce site, on the charge of embezzling money through fraud.

During the arrest, 5 computers, 2 laptops, 2 hard disks, 13 check books of different banks, 13 David/Credit cards, 23 SIM cards, server data and other documents were recovered from his custody, police said.

DB Additional Commissioner of Police AKM Hafiz Akhtar BPM (Bar) informed this information to reporters at his office on Tuesday.

He said that Ishtiaq Ahmed, who confessed to fraud, filed a case under the Digital Security Act at Adabar Police Station as a plaintiff.

Along with Thana Police, DB Cybercrime Division started shadow investigation of this case. Based on proper information in the investigation, the organized crime investigation team of DB Cyber arrested Shahriar Khan by conducting an operation in Shantinagar area of the capital last Sunday.
About the scam of e-commerce site, the detective said, the arrested Shahriar had opened an online-based e-commerce site called in August 2020, attracting ordinary customers through flashy advertisements and asking them to use a payment gateway (SSL Commerce). ) takes advance money through They lure customers by promising home delivery of mobile phone sets, computers, laptops, fridges, ovens and other electronics items at a discount of 50% within 30 days.

Their customer base is around 4 thousand and get around 12 thousand orders within 1 month. Through which about 7-8 crores are added as his bank account. Most of those who ordered the product were students and low-paid workers. In the initial stage they deliver some products to those customers and post positive reviews on their page to build trust among the general customers.

Later, after receiving large number of orders and advance payment, they started cheating the customers by not delivering the products. After many days, when customers realize that they have been cheated, they start demanding redressal through various social media and media.

Those who were able to apply pressure were given a bank check saying that they would refund the money, but could not withdraw the money. After receiving repeated check dishonor complaints, fraudsters cut off all contact with customers and disappear.

One Ishtiaq Ahmed filed the case at Adabar police station as a plaintiff on behalf of numerous victims in this incident.
In response to a question, the DB official said that currently more than 2,000 website-based and about one lakh Facebook-based e-commerce sites are running in Bangladesh.

This intelligence officer said that instead of being lured by flashy advertisements and checking the marketplace, ordering products and paying cash on delivery instead of paying the price in advance, i.e. paying the price after receiving the product, fraud and even suffering can be avoided.

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