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Atiq returned the garbage to the residence of the government officials

Household waste has been left on the side of Mirpur-6 main road. Pedestrians have to cover their noses with the stench of these garbage. However, the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Atiqul Islam saw this scene during the mosquito killing program in this area.

He did not waste time and sent the garbage back to the residential building of the government officials. Because it was alleged that this garbage was dumped on the road from there. However, these wastes are not theirs, said Samchul Alam, the supervisor of the government officials' residential building.

On Monday, the DNCC launched a new drug crush program to kill Culex mosquitoes. This campaign was conducted throughout the day in eight wards of Region-2 with 1400 workers. A monitoring team of 200 people worked to verify the efficacy of the drug. Mayor Atiqul assured the city residents that the mosquito infestation will be reduced soon after visiting the campaign.

He said, earlier in the 54 wards of DNCC, mosquito larvicide was given in the morning and adulticide in the afternoon. But we talked to entomologists. As per their instructions we changed the total system for the first time.

It is very difficult. We will now kill mosquitoes by region instead of ten regions per day. Today I came to Region-2. Here at the field level we want to do a 'total sweeping' of all mosquito breeding sites.

Meanwhile, Mayor Atiqul said about littering on the streets, those who throw rubbish on the streets and cause suffering, North City will throw that rubbish at their homes. He also said that if anyone causes suffering by throwing garbage on the road, he will be brought under punishment.

According to DNCC sources, Dhaka North has a plan to exterminate mosquitoes in all the wards of a region every day. This operation will continue till March 16 except Friday. The operation will be conducted on Tuesday in Region-4.

A monitoring team led by former Director of Health Department Bay-Nazir Ahmed is working to monitor the mosquito eradication program. Who will submit the results of the report to the Mayor. Meanwhile, a lot of mosquitoes are breeding in the milkweed factory of Mirpur-6 area.

As the environment is bad, cases are regularly filed against the company. At this time, various individuals and organizations were fined a total of 71 thousand rupees for finding mosquito larvae.

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