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Complaint against the editor of "Khulnar Kanth" in a deliberate manner

"In the end, my husband Sheikh Rana, the editor of Khulna Kanth, was implicated in the drug case by publishing news against land grabbers and drug dealers. Earlier, they accused me along with my husband in the IT case," accused journalist Ishrat Eva.

Journalist Eva said that even after buying a ticket at the jail gate yesterday, she was not allowed to speak because she wanted to be remanded. Rana got the news through a police. He says to him that I have been hanged. Ma'mla is a tenant of Ma'mla's Badir house. Ivar claimed that the whole drama was arranged by managing the police through him.

Eva came to know that Rana was coming home on the night of the incident. A private car picks him up on the way. Benapole goes first with lifting. India wanted to enter but could not go because of BGB. Then comes Jessore. While there the phone was on as I called again and again from there they came to Noapara then it was 9 pm.

After that, he doesn't remember anything else The police hit him on the head and body. Narcotics dealer Sheikh Rana A'tak took pictures and started talking. One of the other two knew Rana. He was in that car that day and he called Rana the day before yesterday morning. Hey, hello, let me talk. There is a record of what happened. Eva said that she is completely careless about her only child, Ifti. Eva says everything will be known if Mobi call records are extracted. Rana's body condition is very bad. Repeatedly saying that I will not live And I have nothing to say.

On the day of the incident, Rana went to the pharmacy to get medicine for her child. And he was supposed to be back soon from the pharmacy. Rana's friends and colleagues questioned how it was possible to go so far with drugs while taking medicine for the child. It may be noted that earlier a case was filed against Rana and Eva on a report. As no specific allegation was proved in that case, the court granted time to the plaintiff to clarify the appropriate allegation. Rana's colleagues said, “It is very easy to understand why Rana was arrested, and we know him personally, everyone knows him socially. A person cannot suddenly change so much and go on such a path. There must be a prior complaint or suspicion. By coming to the runner's area and searching, it is easy to get clear about his relationship and his social position. This, we can be sure, is a case of intent and intent to harass.

Meanwhile, BMSF central general secretary Ahmed Abu Zafar said, "We cannot understand the meaning of harassing a journalist by the police in this way." To undermine the image of journalists, a class of police is desperate to destroy the dignity of journalists. If this situation continues, journalist-police will become two poles.

BMSF demanded to investigate the phone call records of journalist Sheikh Rana and other accused to verify their involvement in the incident. Journalists are constantly being attacked in their professional duties. BMSF also called upon all media workers to be alert and vocal against these evil forces.

On the other hand, Police Inspector Tofail Ahmed, in-charge of Ba'di Khulna District DB, said that Sheikh Rana, the editor of Khulna Kantha, was found inside a private car. 100 bottles of fancy'deal in two black bags in the car. We believe that everyone in the car is involved in this drug. Sheikh Sohail 1st A'Sami, Sheikh Rana 2nd and 3rd A'Sami car drivers. The in-charge of DB said that the arrest was made on the basis of sufficient evidence.

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