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Chuknagar Women's Model College got back 10 lakh rupees of MPO bribe due to MP's intervention

The Model Women's College was established in the year 2002 in the noise-free rural environment of Chuknagar, Dumuria Upazila of Khulna district. Day by day, the college is spreading the light of women victimization in the hustle and bustle of local girls. Meanwhile, this 18-year-old company, while following the path of MPO Bhukti, stepped into the trap of fraud and collected Tk 15 lakh 90. Got back ten lakh rupees yesterday.

According to the details of the incident, Khulna District Dumuria Upazila Chuknagar Women's Model College will be made MPO by breaking the name of the local MP and asking for 16 lakh taka and taking a bribe of 15 lakh 90 thousand taka. Former President of Chuknagar Model Women's College Atlia Union Parishad Chairman Pratap Roy.

Moinul Islam, principal of Chuknagar Model Women's College, told the media that in 2018, Pratap Roy, the president of the college managing committee, said that if there is a college MPO in Khulna division, you will have it first, but you will have to pay 16 lakhs, after talking to him, I discussed with all my teachers. And in the month of July 2018, we started the transaction and in three stages he was given a total of 15 lakh 90 thousand rupees.

Since then MPO is no more, for a long time we have been suffering with the teachers and I have repeatedly visited his council and house with all my teachers, but day after day he keeps turning us around with various excuses including delay. . In this situation, his committee expired but still did not return the money.

Finally, after informing the new president of the college's new managing committee Dumuria upazila chairman Ejaz Ahmed and intellectual member of the managing committee Sheikh Habibur Rahman Habib about this incident, they spoke to Narayan Chandra Chand, Member of Parliament of Dumuria and Phultala Khulna-5 constituencies. MP assured to look into the matter himself and take immediate action.

As a result, on the instructions of the MP, in the presence of Dumuria Upazila Executive Officer Shahnaz Begum and Dumuria Upazila Chairman Gazi Ejaz Ahmed, yesterday, July 19, at 12 o'clock in the morning of Rabira, we got Tk 10 lakh back out of Tk 15 lakh 90 thousand.

In this regard, Atlia Union Parishad Chairman Pratap Roy's phone number mentioned on the website of Atlia Union Parishad has been repeatedly contacted but it is not possible to connect at this moment.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mocha Shahnaz Begum also told the media that this incident is true and according to the instructions of honorable MP, we have returned 10 lakhs out of 15 lakh 90 thousand taka to our upasti and the former president of the said college and UP chairman Pratap Roy has taken the time to return the remaining amount.

Incidentally, on February 11, 2019, Md. Farhad Hossain Babu, son of Atiyar Rahman of Dashakhania village of Keshabpur Upazila, went to the college land on the west side of RS 32 Dag and tried to build a wall there. Then the principal of the college, Md. Moinur Rahman, approached the Additional District Magistrate Court of Khulna and filed a complaint against the 2nd party under section 144/145 without going into any conflict to maintain peace in the area. The court analyzed the entire case and issued section 145 on the land of the plaintiff to protect the peace and order in the institution. But disobeying the court order, the 2nd party tried to occupy the land again on the morning of 9th and 10th September. When the matter was immediately reported to Dumuria Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Aminul Islam Biblab, he ordered Maguraghona Police Camp In-charge SI Chunnu Sheikh to stop the work, he went to the spot and stopped the work.

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