18 more people died in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital in 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, 18 more people have died in the corona unit of Rajshahi Medical College (Ramek) Hospital. They died between 9 am on Thursday (July 8) and 9 am on Friday (July 9).

Brigadier General Shamim Yazdani, director of Ramek Hospital, confirmed the matter on Friday (July 9) morning. 18 people died in this hospital the previous day as well.

Shamim Yazdani said, out of the 18 people who died in the last 24 hours, three died of corona. Apart from this, 15 people died with corona symptoms. Out of the 18 people who died, 10 are from Rajshahi district.

Apart from this, two from Naogaon, two from Chapainawabganj, two from Natore, one from Sirajganj and one from Kushtia have died. They came to the hospital with corona infection and symptoms.

The director of Ramek Hospital said that in the last 24 hours maximum four people have died in Ward No. 14 of Ramek Hospital. Apart from this, three each died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Ward No. 22, two each in Ward No. 15 and 25 and one each in Ward No. 3, 4, 16 and 22/30.

Two from Rajshahi and one from Naogaon have died of corona infection in the last 24 hours. Apart from this, among the 15 people who died with symptoms, 8 were from Rajshahi, two each from Natore and Chapainawabganj and one each from Naogaon, Kushtia and Sirajganj. They have been advised to bury their bodies in accordance with hygiene rules.

The 454-bed Corona Unit has 501 patients admitted till 9 am on Friday. Among them, 20 people are admitted in ICU. 206 people have been admitted with Corona so far. Apart from this, 231 people are admitted with symptoms. Corona was not detected in the sample of 64 people admitted to the hospital. Apart from this, 74 people were admitted to the hospital in the last 24 hours. 52 people left the hospital in this one day.

On Thursday (July 08) samples of 282 people were tested at Rajshahi Medical College (Ramek) Hospital Lab and 280 people at Rajshahi Medical College PCR Lab. Out of this, 32 samples of Ramek Hospital Lab and 72 samples of Ramek Lab have detected corona. According to the test ratio, 18.16 percent of Rajshahi and 20.48 percent of Chapainawabganj samples have detected corona.

On July 1 22 people, July 2 17 people, July 3 13 people, July 4 12 people, July 5 18 people, July 6 19 people, July 7 20 people and July 8 18 people lost their lives in Ramek Hospital. On June 29, maximum 25 people died in the corona unit. This is the highest death record in the hospital after the detection of corona infection.

Seven thousand 161 patients were admitted to Ramek Hospital from April last year to June this year. Among them, 5 thousand 927 people have recovered and left the hospital. One thousand 78 people died in this 14 months. Among them, 346 people have died due to corona. Others died of symptoms or other physical complications.

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