Ukraine is facing a terrible war

The Russian military has recently conducted strategic and nuclear exercises under the supervision of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. In this sensitive military exercise, the Russian military conducted several successful tests of its brand new generation of air-launched based hypersonic Kinzhal and Zirkon cruise missiles. And the president of the country, Putin, was also in direct supervision of this military exercise of the Russian troops. There is a kind of suppressed excitement and extreme fear in the western world now in this terrible hypersonic missile test.

The United States and the countries of the Western world have expressed strong fears that Russia may launch a serious military operation in Ukraine at any moment and under any pretext. Again, the media of the Western world is widely promoting this ongoing military exercise and activity of Russia around Ukraine as a provocation of a large-scale war or as an indication of the beginning of the third world war. According to them, Russia has already deployed nearly 200,000 troops across Ukraine's border and has given large amounts of weapons to military militias in eastern Ukraine's Donbass and other ethnic Russian-dominated regions.

According to the information provided by various media, a fierce war has started with the Ukrainian army and the Russian rebels in the area. Moreover, heavy artillery and mortar shelling between the two sides has increased significantly since last Saturday night in Ukraine's Donbass region. And because of this heavy shelling, America and its western European NATO countries expressed strong fear that Russia may be directly involved in a major war in the region. Currently, there is extreme tension in Europe due to Russia's massive military deployment around Ukraine. Meanwhile, the United States and its Western countries claim that Russia is carrying out this large-scale military operation along the eastern border of Ukraine to attack Ukraine. However, Moscow has repeatedly rejected these demands from the beginning.

However, the extremely bellicose and manipulative US is presenting the issue as if Russia is about to launch a massive military invasion of Ukraine. Although there is no deep concern on the part of Russia, the propaganda media machine of America and its western world has started a lot of noise long ago.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and Germany directly rejected the repeated warnings of the United States and its Western allies that Russia could start a serious military invasion of Ukraine at any moment. Originally, in a speech given at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, February 19, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the US Biden administration for creating unnecessary war-fear over the Ukraine crisis. He said, “We do not think there is any need at all to create such irrational and artificial fear-mongering.

To surround Russia from all sides, the United States included Ukraine in the NATO alliance, but it has been trying its best to establish military bases in the country for a long time. However, Russia will not accept such evil activities of the West in any way. Why only Russia, none of the powerful countries in the world will accept this. Moreover, in the 60s, the Soviet Union's relationship with the United States hit rock bottom after the Soviet Union deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba. In the end, a terrible situation arose as a nuclear war broke out all over the world.

The US and its Western NATO allies have refused to send troops to Ukraine to directly confront Russia's military forces, despite the recent furore and anxiety surrounding Russia's bare-knuckle military invasion of Ukraine. No matter how big they talk, they don't seem to be in a strong position to take on Russia on the battlefield at the moment. However, the world's number one military superpower and the most belligerent country, America, but does not say it openly, wants Russia to attack Ukraine directly. And behind it lies the terrifying hundreds of billions of dollars in arms trade, along with a huge opportunity for monopolies. Now the United Kingdom, France, Germany or any other country has expressed its impossibility to send troops to Ukraine due to the strong fear that Russia may launch a nuclear attack around the nuclear war in the future, far from America. Moreover, France and Germany do not want to get involved in any kind of trouble with Russia over the Ukraine issue.

During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, America and its Western world propaganda media machine misrepresented that Saddam Hussein's Iraqi military had vast stockpiles of nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons. But in 2003, when Saddam's followers killed thousands of Arab militias and civilians and occupied Iraq, it was found that not a single kilogram of chemical or biological weapons was found, let alone nuclear weapons. In exactly the same way and under false pretexts, America and the NATO alliance of the western world under its leadership have continued war and genocide for 20 years in the name of establishing good governance after occupying Afghanistan in 2001.

Along with America, Russia is no less capable of naked interference, secret conspiracy or false propaganda in its neighboring countries or other countries. Russia, however, has forced almost all of its neighboring countries to accept its allegiance, albeit with the threat of nuclear weapons and an indirect threat of military aggression. Here, Russia is at loggerheads with any country around Russia that wants to be very close to the Western world. Georgia and Ukraine are a shining example in this regard.

Moreover, in 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, when the whole of Europe fell into darkness due to the attack of the Nazi forces of Germany, on that occasion, Stalin's forces of the former Soviet Union very skillfully sent about 450,000 troops to occupy Finland and started a large-scale military invasion. Although about 220,000 soldiers died in this short-lived war of invasion of Finland, the Soviet Union was forced to admit defeat in this war and lift the military blockade. However, the former Soviet Union and the current Russia developed a grand plan to start a large-scale military campaign to occupy the entire Scania region of Europe through the Finland War.

Sherazur Rahman, Assistant Teacher and Writer, Village: Chhota Chowgram, Singra, Natore, Bangladesh.

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